Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas eve is here

On Thursday I took a 7 hour roady to come home for xmas, after the spot of shopping it turned into a 10 hour roady. Good to be home for christmas, grandparents and mum in company. To be honest i'm not even trying on my diet for the next week. I have family gatherings, dinner with friends, drinks at the pub and even a concert planned for the next week and a half.

Menu for Christmas day:
Glazed ham
Kumara and carrot salad
apricot and cream cheese filos
Chocolate mousse
and plenty of sweets, wine, strawberrys and cherries no doubt.

Its going to be a very merry day after seeing all the wine my grandparents popped in the shopping trolley this arvo!

Wishing you all a safe and happy christmas!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Wet weather blues....

It's nearly Christmas, it's December, technically its Summer. However the crappy weather is clearly not up with the play. Grey skies and downpours for the last two weeks here in Wellington, although I must admit its no where near as disheartening as what our friends in Nelson are dealing with.

Anyway due to crappy weather I've been about as energetic as a snail, probably even less so. The lethargy has definitely seen me eating carby hot fatty foods which although yum have generally made me feel like crap afterwards. So I have been avoiding the scales and avoiding the blog, I have kept up with the ones I follow however.

So this morning I stepped onto the scales and saw the number 89.5kgs. Its surprising to see it and a little worrying at the same time. This has dropped a heap despite me doing sweet F.A for 2 weeks and earlier in the week I was sitting on 93kgs. This has me worrying that my scales are broken or miscalculting.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Its not as dirty as it sounds.....

So you saw the title and want some scandal eh? Well tonight I went to a good friends leaving dinner at "Monsoon Poon", If you live with boys (read as immature children) like I do, you will see the dirty side to that. Monsoon Poon is our local South East Asian restaurant and tonight was the first time I really challenged myself to be food concious while eating out.

So as soon as I heard the destination for tonight I was on the net like a shot, perusing the menu to try to have an idea of what were some of the healthier (and cheaper) options. Now this website doesn't show nutritional info but basically I went for lots of veges (which I love anyway) = good and tried my best to avoid anything fried!

Ended up sharing starters with the group and although delicious I easily refrained from devouring the whole lot. Despite the fact they were deep fried, the vege Krishna pakhora's were delicious, basically deep fried cauli, potato etc. I had a taste of the peanut chicken kebab but it was literally just that, a taste, also a smidge of the yoghurt chicken and a few tiny Vietnamese summer rolls and dipping sauce - fresh grated carrot and glass noodles in a rice paper wrap!

For the main I went for the Bali prawn's in a green coconut curry with eggplant, zucchini, beans, capsicum and broccoli with a medium sized coconut rice. Ah-may-zing! I know that you never know what they put in your meals unless you make it, but I feel my choices were well made and am looking forward to trying to recreate that meal at home!

Best part of the night was being able to do up the last button on my new dress that was slightly to tight to do last week! My friend was right I did it!

Monday, 5 December 2011


Its Monday weigh in!!!!
So I jumped on the scales today hoping to see my goal of 91.6 gleaming up at me, I must admit I was a little disappointed when I saw 91.7. Then I thought Oh well it was still a solid effort.

It wasn't till I jumped on here to write this post that I realised my goal weight that I had aimed for, for this week was infact 91.7Kgs, looks like I made it after all.

In other news my flatmate made cookies again and of course they are wonderful in all their goodli-goodness or shoud that be goodli-badness? White chocolate and cranberry, and chocolate chip! om nom nom is all I have to say!


So as of today I am
- 91.7kgs
by next week I aim to be
- 91.0kgs

At this rate I may hit 90kgs by xmas!!!!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I went shopping this week! I splurged just a wee bit. I brought a new blue dress which is just a wee bit tight around the bust. However instead of going up a size my friend grabbed me and said "Look it already looks good, it would look better if it was just a little looser, but you are buying this and it is going to be your motivation dress!"

So like Megan (, I have myself a dress challenge! It's not a big challenge but its a challenge none the less. The best thing about this dress is knowing that I'll still be able to wear it once I've dropped a dress size!

I also picked up some new sneakers as mine were wearing a bit thin which has put me off using them for the last month. So new sneakers = rejuvenation of motivation?

New sneakers and my new fav drink

I also discovered this little beaut above. Schwepps light ginger beer. Now i'm not a fan of fizzy drinks and the only thing that I like less then fizzy is that sugar free crap. To me it tastes like plastic. Anyway with trying to cut as much crappy carbs out i.e processed foods, white bread, CHOCOLATE!!! i've been missing my sugar fix. Then I discovered this.... I know I said I hate fizzy but lemon lime bitter and ginger beer are my two exceptions. This ginger beer is 3 calories a serve! AND IT TASTES LIKE THE REAL THING!

Only pitfall is the phenylalonine which I have some memory of my secondary school biology teacher telling us will give us all cancer and to avoid it like the plague...... Then again, everything is supposedly a cancer risk these days!

You may have also noticed I've started a monthly progress chart. I've seen these around on other pages and think they are a great idea, although coz I'm technologically challenged I haven't the foggiest on how to make mine look awesome like the others I've seen. So it'll have to do :)
I've also finally committed to my goal of 75kgs by April. April is my 21st (Yes the whole month of April), so I want to be looking fab by then. Its a large amount, 15kgs, but having a goal to work towards is half the challenge!

Wooo what a rant! Sorry for the long update/post, just got a lot to catch up on :)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Weigh In

So I figured I should keep my motivation high. I'm going to start setting my weekly goals again.
As of this morning I am
- 92.2kgs

By next Monday I will be
- 91.7kgs

Weigh-in if I don't forget will be done each Monday morning, aiming to lose about 0.7 kgs a week!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

You've got to be kidding me

So just chilling waiting for my movie to download and thought I'd get some quick exercise in cos hey why not. So here I am on the floor doing 5 long minutes of situps which I hate with a passion, chuck it into and apparently I burnt only 20 calories. I know it's only 5 minutes but you got to be kidding me. Apparently walking at an elderly pace for 5 minutes would have burnt more then situps,
Officially have a new reason not to do situps now!

Oh well, I geuss it is better then doing nothing right?

On the bright side, I got lots of sun today (pun intended). After the red goes down I'll be expecting a beautiful summer glow! Everyone looks good tan, except maybe the Jersey Shore gang *cringe*

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Garden update

So part two of the mission that is our garden. Today we got stuck in, after lounging round on the beach all day yesterday, which was amazing, it was about time to do something productive again.

So as I was saying last time our garden was more like a jungle.....

well now it looks more like this

we discovered wild mint already growing!!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Green over Greenfingers

So today, 3 days into my holiday, I started getting that feeling where you just have to get off your but and do something productive (anti-laziness???? I hate it when I've lost the word I'm looking for). Anyway so I started to tackle that thing out there that is not large enough to be deemed a backyard. Its just a small patch of weeds really, a small patch of weeds that the landlord keeps B****ing about despite the fact thats how it was when we moved in!!!

Anyway so today I tackled that "small" section of weeds only to find out its a NEVER ENDING JUNGLE! So I have a plan, I do, I do. Once all the weeds are out I am making a vege garden! I have no idea what I'm doing or how to do it but I have 2 whole months to sort it out. And who wouldn't want to see the fruits of their labour in such a delicious, edible goodly goodness such as these........

Monday, 14 November 2011

2 months of carefree sunshine ahead

So exams are over and the celebrations have been and gone. Time for me to start this thing we call a diet again. Started today of well but even just 3 weeks of laziness has made me realise that getting back to the pace I was at will be slow. Well I have 2 months with next to no commitments other then this so hopefully that will count for something!

Time to kick summer off with a bang...

First beach day of the year. Was super carefree, post exams!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

As I sit here on hold

This morning I have finally found some time to slot in an update.... I've been on hold for half an hour with studylink (The people who give me free money while I earn a degree/Sleep, drink and socialise) so decided to be productive in the wasteland of time the is being on hold.

So first exam down and I don't mean to sound cocky buuuut that was bloody amazing, literally everything I had predicted was in there and I pumped out essays faster then I could imagine. One more to go on Tuesday hopefully this one will be just as tame.

So as you can imagine between exams, starting a new job and dealing with the money gods (who still haven't answered the phone!), my focus hasn't been anywhere near weightloss. Despite this I have still managed to maintain my weight to a degree. Surprising considering the late night study takeout and halloween candy! I use to wish we would have no visits on Halloween so I could have the candy but this year I actually got disapointed and a little angry when we only had 7 or 8 kids visit.

One week till exams are done and I'll be 100% back to focusing on these goals and I'll stop neglecting this blog so much! But for now I'll just continue to listen to the ever so average "hold" music

Thursday, 27 October 2011

M.I.A Summers a-comin

I've been missing in action for the last couple of weeks and you may have even noticed that prior to that I hadn't set any weekly goals for a week or two. I'm not giving up, i'm just of stressing about my upcoming exams. 1st one on Tuesday second on Weds and another the following Wednesday. Unfortunately stressing over study does not equal productive study nor does it equal a healthy diet.No matter how much I tell myself I need to focus I can't seem to stay on task for more then half an hour. Ahhh but they will be all over and done with in a week and a half and it will be summer baby..... and don't you worry I have awesome plans for getting myself in shape. And these are things I will have to do because I won't be able to afford to not do it. Can you guess what it is?

No more public transport cos I'll be poor!

Study money will be more or less non existent over summer so I'll be moving and shakin my booty from the bush to the beach, will have a summer bod in no time (by the end of summer fingers xd).

Anyway tally-o time for bed, exam study and tutoring sessions to run tomorrow!

Thursday, 20 October 2011


So as I was perusing the internet while snacking away on some chocolate coated goodness I realised 2 things
  1. I've already failed my no chocolate challenge

  2. I really don't get twitter

I know some people live by it, swear by it and breath it but seriously, who would want to read anything that I have to say. Ironic much? I mean I am writing a blog here and I know only 1 or 2 people read it, but still, twitter? I mean can you really say anything at all in 160 characters or less?

Anything important at least?

I must be alone when I say that I really don't care if J-Lo just had rehearsal or Taylor Lautner is going to the gym. What is it that makes someone need to exclaim to strangers "Off to have a shower"?

If that's exciting stuff for the world to read the world needs to make some life changes!

Someone enlighten me to what this supposed greatness is, about the all mighty twitter!

xxx - Tomorrow is a new (chocolate free?) day!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

ahhhh its been a while

So yeah its been a while, to be honest I've been on a wee binge and at the time couldn't bear writing it down. Now with hindsight I think its probably best I do and let the world know my shame.

So as a poor student (excuses, excuses!) I never have much money and don't buy much other then what I really need (I try to). Any way last week the supermarket was running a special of chocolate for 90 cents a bar. That's over half price off!!!!! So anyway I brought a bunch thinking I could save them and take 1 to uni with me every now and then to "facilitate" with my exam study! Little did I know the chocolate bars had a different idea. They lasted 2 days.

Next thing I knew I had to go get more! Once again they lasted 2 days. I even put 1 in the freezer thinking it would stop me eating it and it could just defrost on my way to uni. Turns out frozen cherry ripe is just too good! Did I also mention I happen to work at this supermarket! So Saturday I just had to buy 1 too!

So time to go cold turkey! I hear its the best way as sugar makes you crave more sugar. So the answer for me for now is NO sugar. And if that doesn't work ................ well who knows :(

On a brighter note, since the last time I wrote I have been offered a new job, have resigned from my old job, have finished uni for the year (still got exams to go though) and have put a gorgeous skirt on lay-by which I can hopefully pay off this week!

Like this but a real nice green and minus the skinny blonde

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Home sweet home.....

Got home yesterday. The bus trip was hell I tell ya, giggling teen girls flirting with the army boy down the back of the bus till 1a.m, groups of non-English speaking people gossiping away till the early hours. Maybe I'm just getting old.

8 and a half hours later made it back to Wellington in a very unpleasant mood might I add dropped my gear at home, jumped on the scale then headed to uni for 8 hours.
You may remember I had a cheeky weigh in earlier in the week before I left. On Weds or Thurs???? Anyway weighed in at 92.kgs and am happy to say that despite all the yummy food my whanau (Family in Maori) created while I was visiting and the local takeaways I managed to maintain that weight. Go me!

I've been waiting to see the dietician at our uni for a couple of months now as the free one only comes on Mondays and she has a massive backlog of patients to see. Anywho went and had an intro meeting with her yesterday and it went amazingly well. I was a bit nervous going in but she was just so lovely it was great. Had to go through my eating habits and I told her about the lose-it programme I've been using.
After looking at my general diet, exercise routines and goal targets she seemed pretty happy that I was well on the right track. Just a few worries that I'm not getting enough calcium or protein, so am adding in almonds, cottage cheese and more eggs into my diet!

Feeling good about this now knowing that even the dieticians happy with me! Although was just about to head off to uni after writing this but after looking out the window the grey gloomy weather is telling me to take the bus. Lucky I went for a walk this morning at the oh so early hours of 7am!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Loving the country air. PHOTOS

So am on my last day of my trip home. The 21st was a blast caught up with a lot of old family and friends.
My gorgeous dog Soul who is always my highlight of coming home, wish I could take him back with me.

Staying with mum is always interesting. Been get exercise in some unusual way. My first day here she had me painting a 30 metre fence which was 2 metres high,

you can see how often I missed the actual fence, my hands were a mess, blobs of it were in my hair and face and that stuff is not easy to get off!

Half way through painting the fence, keep in mind I couldn't fit the whole thing in the shot!

The next day we went to head in to town and found the car battery was flat so got in some good strength training pushing mums car up the hill so we could push start it down. Must have been hilarious to watch especially as I was wearing a skirt! Mum just smiled and said "well there you go makes up for you missing taikwando while your up".

Mums a very hard working independent women so shes always doing all her own home renovations and me being here is like Christmas come early coz now she has someone to help her. When I used to live at home, weekends usually meant her doing some job around the house and of course I got roped into it, what followed was usually something a little like this..........

"Hold it higher..... higher........I said HIGHER, good ok now twist it..... no the other way.... FOR FUCKS SAKE listen. ok now bring it lower......."

My response was usually some thing along the lines of....

"Fuck this do it yourself" .... Followed by a very stroppy moody teen for the rest of the day
As I got older I learnt to leave as soon as she started getting her DIY swing on. But I have not reverted to my stroppy teenage ways!

Not expecting to be seeing anything good on the scales tomorrow all this food omg so good. Haha I think I've had enough meat to last me a month. Great stuff seeming as I can never afford to buy it myself, being a student has made me and accidental vegetarian. Being back home has revived a few old habits but i'll be kicking them to the curb as soon as I jump back on that bus!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Here I go

Off on my wee (8 hour) roady this morning, got my bags packed and I ready to go. Must say the thing im most worried about is getting bored and eating everything on the way but I'm feeling pretty prepared snackwise. Got a bag full of air popped popcorn, some crackers and tuna and just have to run down to the shop and grab some fruit before I head off. My one guilty treat is a delicious cupcake made by my flatmate........... Yeap she had another baking session, lucky i'm going away and can't eat the whole damn lot.

Not looking forward to this bustrip! I'm missing two days worth of lectures (right before exams eeek!) so have brought two very massive and heavy textbook along for the ride. Oh the excitement, 8 hours of study! oh did I mention my MP3 broke 4 days ago, fantastic timing at least I'll get lots of work done!

Had a cheeky early weigh in today and hit 92.0kgs! Go me. Now to maintain that over the weekend.

Well off I go.........

Sunday, 2 October 2011


So its been a week since my last weigh in my goal was to hit 93kgs. I can happily say that I surpassed that goal this week and am sitting on 92.5kgs as of this morning. I had weighed myself a couple of days earlier and was hoping for a slightly better result so not too sure what happened there, but have to be happy either way!

So I have this big 21st to attend next weekend. I'll be sitting on a bus for 8 hours to get there and then have 3 days of good old home cooked food plus all the booze and snacks from the 21st on top. This week is going to take a lot of planning to stay focused and on track. But I can do it..... I think?

Will weigh in again next Monday as I will be travelling all 8 hours home again on Sunday. Excited for the trip and can't wait to see old friends and my family! Next Monday I want to hit
Would be great to see a stable 91. something on those scales been so long!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Snacks Galore!

So back on track for two hole days now and feeling great, it's amazing how less bloated I feel just after 2 days!

So have stocked the pantry and fridge once again with fresh fruit and veges and some healthy treats. Having a go at making fresh air popped popcorn in the microwave tonight. Popcorn will hopefully be my savoir to snacking as its so low cal it won't do much damage to my diet at all! Also got grapes for snacking, so goodbye chocolate cravings hopefully!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Feeling guilty

So I've been pretty bad and haven't logged my weight this week. I've been avoiding writing this but it has to be done. Instead of hitting my target I actually put on 1.4kgs. phew that happened quick. All that baking and booze I guess. So time to get back on track.

Back on to doing Tae kwan do once a week, so sore after this weeks session but it did feel great. I have a 21st to attend in 2 weeks and want to hit 92kgs by that weekend.

So this week I weighed in at 93.4kgs
Next week I want to be 93kgs

Big losses were only short term maybe if I make smaller goals it will be easier to maintain my bingeing. Heres to getting back on track to healthy choices.

Monday, 19 September 2011

om nom nom

On Sunday, my flatmate, bless her little heart, made a million batches of cookies and cupcakes! Oh my they are spectacular, little sprinkles and everything. Just what I wanted on a snuggly Sunday arvo. I'm sorry to say my self control was murdered by cookies and cupcakes.

Weigh in in 2 days and after 2 nights on the town and 1 day of eating baking i'm pretty sure my goal will still be some way off in the distance.

Time to get back on track now.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol!

I've been pretty good with my drinking over the last month however went out on Wednesday night and hell was I regretting it the next morning. Why is it when we drink we feel the need to eat EVERYTHING!

Started the afternoon/evening/night/morning (oh my!) out with pre drinking small carby meal of chicken pot pie and pasta salad in order to be a responsible drinker and LINE MY STOMACH! This was then followed with a evening of wines with the girls. One of the local bars here does a drinks special on Wednesday night $1 wines for the ladies. Two wines later, with a delicious menu plonked in front of us we were ordering garlic, cheese and mayo fries to share. Most delicious fries ever thank god we were sharing a plate. They were then washed down with two more glasses of wine!

Off to my friends to get ready for a gig was accompanied by half a bottle of wine and a shot of vodka which went down lovely! Gig was amazing had a vodka, lemonade and lime followed later by a pie (hand slap please!). Off to the next bar for some dancing and tequila shot and then off around the rest of the city for more dancing. It was at this point I decided to stick to waters from here on in!

Then met up with some friends and was shouted a cider (FAIL!). 5 a.m rolls on and off to get chinese to soak it all up.

Its hard to remember that all that alcohol has calories in it, yet some of it is equivalent to a meal, and then you crave crappy carby food on top! If only the hot shower the next morning washed away the calories along with all the remnants of the night before!

Will have to be super good the rest of the week to get back on track!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What a week!

Man oh man what an awesome week for me. Weighed in at 92kgs this morning. Looks like walking to and from uni has paid off. Also been doing circuit training 4 or 5 times a week in 15 minute blocks. Feeling healthy!
They say not to lose more then 700grams in a week, but I think because I am quite heavy at the moment its a lot easier to lose without too much issues. I'm eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and trying to exercise a bit each day. This fresh healthy food has been so fulling and you know what they say... if you are full put the fork down!

Today am
- 92kgs
Next week I will be
- 91.3kg

till next time
- Tui

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cheers to the freakin weekend

I would classify my weekend as a major FAIL!
Not only did I snack my way through the entire of Saturday but also ate crap on Sunday. To make it slightly better I did got for 5k walk so better then nothing I guess.

Rugby world cup has hit the city like a run away train and I plan to be on it this week, so got to be super good on my calories so I have heaps extra to dedicate to the celebrations! Oh plus an awesome wee gig mid-week....
I can just see my cal count hitting the roof now :(

Till Wednesday... fingers xd i'll reach my goal weight this week

Thursday, 8 September 2011


So yesterday morning I weighed in at 93.9kgs thats 500grams better then my goal.
Yesterday I also started using which is going to be fantastic to keep track of my calories.

Goal for next Wednesday is
- 93.1kgs

Monday, 5 September 2011


So been pretty damm slack on the exercise side of things haven't I. So today I decided to pull trigger and walked my ass all the 4km home uphill from uni. Off to go for jog/walk with the flattie tonight!
So now just to make it routine.

2 days till next weigh in and feeling great!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

8 Days since the doctors

So its officially been a week since my Dr's visit and have lost 2.5kgs. Faaaark! To be honest that doesn't sound healthy to me, yet all I feel like I have really changed is I cut out the extra chocolate/ minus the weekend movies and treats session :( .

The less noticeable thing I have changed is I have moved to eating a mainly vege and fruit based diet, drinking 1.5L of water a day. I found if I drank a glass or 2 of water 10 mins before I ate, I didn't eat anywhere near as much. So my portion sizes have also dropped dramatically as has my snacking! GO ME! Also I have been making this fab guacamole with avo, capsicum, red onion, lemon juice, and a small splash of tabasco sauce with homemade tortilla chips. Plenty of flavour without the added fat, sugar or salt! And man does it fill you up!

So feeling good about this new challenge! I have decided to set myself weekly goals.
As of Tuesday night I am
- 95.5 kgs
By next Wednesday I aim to be
- 94.9 kgs

Fridge is packed with healthy snacks and ingredients. Got a pile of capsicum, cucumber, carrots, hummus, avocado etc to keep me on track!

New tricks to try for this week are
- Carrot sticks as snacks
- Grapefruit instead of eggs @ breakfast
- Making smaller portion sizes
- Eating the slowly

Haven't started to up the exercise yet. But tomorrow is a new day


Monday, 29 August 2011

To a fresh start

So a week and a half ago I visited the docter for a reveiw on my blood tests. During my visit she asked me to step on the scales. To my horror I had put on 4kgs in a month and a half, this brought my total weight up to 98kgs.

Now I don't own scales, I'm not against them or anything, I am just a poor student living the simple life (insert sad music here). So as you can imagine it came as quite a shock.

I have always struggled with weight issues. I've never seen it as something which defines me and I was never bullied at school as many others were/are. I geuss I was lucky in that sense, yet I have always noticed it and have let it drag me down. So every year I make a plan....
- To lose 30kgs
- To be in a bikini by next summer
- To fit a size 12(NZ)
....and yet I never accomplish it.

So when I heard my weight had increased so dramatically over such a short time I was surprised as I had been on a diet with a moderate excersize plan. Or so I thought.
Turns out my diet stopped a while ago due to extremely crappy weather (We even got SNOW! It NEVER snows in the capital, so cool!) and well although I told my Dr I jogged/walked in the mornings, took taikwando and zumba each once a week, I later realised that my "attendance" was not as outstanding as I had thought. My morning Jogs had dwindled from 5 days a week to once or twice a fortnight, Zumba (due to funds) had become non-exsistant and taikwando was an "if I feel like going" class. And so the cycle continues.

So as well as being not as fantastic at the diet and excersise, those blood tests I had mentioned showed that I have an issue with my thyroid. Aparently it effects my metabolism which makes it harder for me to lose weight and often puts me in a lethargic and tired mood (Interpret as lazy?).

Now instead of blaming this for my issues I have decided to make a plan and stick to it. Hopefully by blogging it, I will stay motivated. May as well try something new!