Tuesday, 30 August 2011

8 Days since the doctors

So its officially been a week since my Dr's visit and have lost 2.5kgs. Faaaark! To be honest that doesn't sound healthy to me, yet all I feel like I have really changed is I cut out the extra chocolate/ minus the weekend movies and treats session :( .

The less noticeable thing I have changed is I have moved to eating a mainly vege and fruit based diet, drinking 1.5L of water a day. I found if I drank a glass or 2 of water 10 mins before I ate, I didn't eat anywhere near as much. So my portion sizes have also dropped dramatically as has my snacking! GO ME! Also I have been making this fab guacamole with avo, capsicum, red onion, lemon juice, and a small splash of tabasco sauce with homemade tortilla chips. Plenty of flavour without the added fat, sugar or salt! And man does it fill you up!

So feeling good about this new challenge! I have decided to set myself weekly goals.
As of Tuesday night I am
- 95.5 kgs
By next Wednesday I aim to be
- 94.9 kgs

Fridge is packed with healthy snacks and ingredients. Got a pile of capsicum, cucumber, carrots, hummus, avocado etc to keep me on track!

New tricks to try for this week are
- Carrot sticks as snacks
- Grapefruit instead of eggs @ breakfast
- Making smaller portion sizes
- Eating the slowly

Haven't started to up the exercise yet. But tomorrow is a new day


Monday, 29 August 2011

To a fresh start

So a week and a half ago I visited the docter for a reveiw on my blood tests. During my visit she asked me to step on the scales. To my horror I had put on 4kgs in a month and a half, this brought my total weight up to 98kgs.

Now I don't own scales, I'm not against them or anything, I am just a poor student living the simple life (insert sad music here). So as you can imagine it came as quite a shock.

I have always struggled with weight issues. I've never seen it as something which defines me and I was never bullied at school as many others were/are. I geuss I was lucky in that sense, yet I have always noticed it and have let it drag me down. So every year I make a plan....
- To lose 30kgs
- To be in a bikini by next summer
- To fit a size 12(NZ)
....and yet I never accomplish it.

So when I heard my weight had increased so dramatically over such a short time I was surprised as I had been on a diet with a moderate excersize plan. Or so I thought.
Turns out my diet stopped a while ago due to extremely crappy weather (We even got SNOW! It NEVER snows in the capital, so cool!) and well although I told my Dr I jogged/walked in the mornings, took taikwando and zumba each once a week, I later realised that my "attendance" was not as outstanding as I had thought. My morning Jogs had dwindled from 5 days a week to once or twice a fortnight, Zumba (due to funds) had become non-exsistant and taikwando was an "if I feel like going" class. And so the cycle continues.

So as well as being not as fantastic at the diet and excersise, those blood tests I had mentioned showed that I have an issue with my thyroid. Aparently it effects my metabolism which makes it harder for me to lose weight and often puts me in a lethargic and tired mood (Interpret as lazy?).

Now instead of blaming this for my issues I have decided to make a plan and stick to it. Hopefully by blogging it, I will stay motivated. May as well try something new!