Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Snacks Galore!

So back on track for two hole days now and feeling great, it's amazing how less bloated I feel just after 2 days!

So have stocked the pantry and fridge once again with fresh fruit and veges and some healthy treats. Having a go at making fresh air popped popcorn in the microwave tonight. Popcorn will hopefully be my savoir to snacking as its so low cal it won't do much damage to my diet at all! Also got grapes for snacking, so goodbye chocolate cravings hopefully!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Feeling guilty

So I've been pretty bad and haven't logged my weight this week. I've been avoiding writing this but it has to be done. Instead of hitting my target I actually put on 1.4kgs. phew that happened quick. All that baking and booze I guess. So time to get back on track.

Back on to doing Tae kwan do once a week, so sore after this weeks session but it did feel great. I have a 21st to attend in 2 weeks and want to hit 92kgs by that weekend.

So this week I weighed in at 93.4kgs
Next week I want to be 93kgs

Big losses were only short term maybe if I make smaller goals it will be easier to maintain my bingeing. Heres to getting back on track to healthy choices.

Monday, 19 September 2011

om nom nom

On Sunday, my flatmate, bless her little heart, made a million batches of cookies and cupcakes! Oh my they are spectacular, little sprinkles and everything. Just what I wanted on a snuggly Sunday arvo. I'm sorry to say my self control was murdered by cookies and cupcakes.

Weigh in in 2 days and after 2 nights on the town and 1 day of eating baking i'm pretty sure my goal will still be some way off in the distance.

Time to get back on track now.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol!

I've been pretty good with my drinking over the last month however went out on Wednesday night and hell was I regretting it the next morning. Why is it when we drink we feel the need to eat EVERYTHING!

Started the afternoon/evening/night/morning (oh my!) out with pre drinking small carby meal of chicken pot pie and pasta salad in order to be a responsible drinker and LINE MY STOMACH! This was then followed with a evening of wines with the girls. One of the local bars here does a drinks special on Wednesday night $1 wines for the ladies. Two wines later, with a delicious menu plonked in front of us we were ordering garlic, cheese and mayo fries to share. Most delicious fries ever thank god we were sharing a plate. They were then washed down with two more glasses of wine!

Off to my friends to get ready for a gig was accompanied by half a bottle of wine and a shot of vodka which went down lovely! Gig was amazing had a vodka, lemonade and lime followed later by a pie (hand slap please!). Off to the next bar for some dancing and tequila shot and then off around the rest of the city for more dancing. It was at this point I decided to stick to waters from here on in!

Then met up with some friends and was shouted a cider (FAIL!). 5 a.m rolls on and off to get chinese to soak it all up.

Its hard to remember that all that alcohol has calories in it, yet some of it is equivalent to a meal, and then you crave crappy carby food on top! If only the hot shower the next morning washed away the calories along with all the remnants of the night before!

Will have to be super good the rest of the week to get back on track!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What a week!

Man oh man what an awesome week for me. Weighed in at 92kgs this morning. Looks like walking to and from uni has paid off. Also been doing circuit training 4 or 5 times a week in 15 minute blocks. Feeling healthy!
They say not to lose more then 700grams in a week, but I think because I am quite heavy at the moment its a lot easier to lose without too much issues. I'm eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and trying to exercise a bit each day. This fresh healthy food has been so fulling and you know what they say... if you are full put the fork down!

Today am
- 92kgs
Next week I will be
- 91.3kg

till next time
- Tui

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cheers to the freakin weekend

I would classify my weekend as a major FAIL!
Not only did I snack my way through the entire of Saturday but also ate crap on Sunday. To make it slightly better I did got for 5k walk so better then nothing I guess.

Rugby world cup has hit the city like a run away train and I plan to be on it this week, so got to be super good on my calories so I have heaps extra to dedicate to the celebrations! Oh plus an awesome wee gig mid-week....
I can just see my cal count hitting the roof now :(

Till Wednesday... fingers xd i'll reach my goal weight this week

Thursday, 8 September 2011


So yesterday morning I weighed in at 93.9kgs thats 500grams better then my goal.
Yesterday I also started using loseit.com which is going to be fantastic to keep track of my calories.

Goal for next Wednesday is
- 93.1kgs

Monday, 5 September 2011


So been pretty damm slack on the exercise side of things haven't I. So today I decided to pull trigger and walked my ass all the 4km home uphill from uni. Off to go for jog/walk with the flattie tonight!
So now just to make it routine.

2 days till next weigh in and feeling great!