Thursday, 27 October 2011

M.I.A Summers a-comin

I've been missing in action for the last couple of weeks and you may have even noticed that prior to that I hadn't set any weekly goals for a week or two. I'm not giving up, i'm just of stressing about my upcoming exams. 1st one on Tuesday second on Weds and another the following Wednesday. Unfortunately stressing over study does not equal productive study nor does it equal a healthy diet.No matter how much I tell myself I need to focus I can't seem to stay on task for more then half an hour. Ahhh but they will be all over and done with in a week and a half and it will be summer baby..... and don't you worry I have awesome plans for getting myself in shape. And these are things I will have to do because I won't be able to afford to not do it. Can you guess what it is?

No more public transport cos I'll be poor!

Study money will be more or less non existent over summer so I'll be moving and shakin my booty from the bush to the beach, will have a summer bod in no time (by the end of summer fingers xd).

Anyway tally-o time for bed, exam study and tutoring sessions to run tomorrow!

Thursday, 20 October 2011


So as I was perusing the internet while snacking away on some chocolate coated goodness I realised 2 things
  1. I've already failed my no chocolate challenge

  2. I really don't get twitter

I know some people live by it, swear by it and breath it but seriously, who would want to read anything that I have to say. Ironic much? I mean I am writing a blog here and I know only 1 or 2 people read it, but still, twitter? I mean can you really say anything at all in 160 characters or less?

Anything important at least?

I must be alone when I say that I really don't care if J-Lo just had rehearsal or Taylor Lautner is going to the gym. What is it that makes someone need to exclaim to strangers "Off to have a shower"?

If that's exciting stuff for the world to read the world needs to make some life changes!

Someone enlighten me to what this supposed greatness is, about the all mighty twitter!

xxx - Tomorrow is a new (chocolate free?) day!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

ahhhh its been a while

So yeah its been a while, to be honest I've been on a wee binge and at the time couldn't bear writing it down. Now with hindsight I think its probably best I do and let the world know my shame.

So as a poor student (excuses, excuses!) I never have much money and don't buy much other then what I really need (I try to). Any way last week the supermarket was running a special of chocolate for 90 cents a bar. That's over half price off!!!!! So anyway I brought a bunch thinking I could save them and take 1 to uni with me every now and then to "facilitate" with my exam study! Little did I know the chocolate bars had a different idea. They lasted 2 days.

Next thing I knew I had to go get more! Once again they lasted 2 days. I even put 1 in the freezer thinking it would stop me eating it and it could just defrost on my way to uni. Turns out frozen cherry ripe is just too good! Did I also mention I happen to work at this supermarket! So Saturday I just had to buy 1 too!

So time to go cold turkey! I hear its the best way as sugar makes you crave more sugar. So the answer for me for now is NO sugar. And if that doesn't work ................ well who knows :(

On a brighter note, since the last time I wrote I have been offered a new job, have resigned from my old job, have finished uni for the year (still got exams to go though) and have put a gorgeous skirt on lay-by which I can hopefully pay off this week!

Like this but a real nice green and minus the skinny blonde

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Home sweet home.....

Got home yesterday. The bus trip was hell I tell ya, giggling teen girls flirting with the army boy down the back of the bus till 1a.m, groups of non-English speaking people gossiping away till the early hours. Maybe I'm just getting old.

8 and a half hours later made it back to Wellington in a very unpleasant mood might I add dropped my gear at home, jumped on the scale then headed to uni for 8 hours.
You may remember I had a cheeky weigh in earlier in the week before I left. On Weds or Thurs???? Anyway weighed in at 92.kgs and am happy to say that despite all the yummy food my whanau (Family in Maori) created while I was visiting and the local takeaways I managed to maintain that weight. Go me!

I've been waiting to see the dietician at our uni for a couple of months now as the free one only comes on Mondays and she has a massive backlog of patients to see. Anywho went and had an intro meeting with her yesterday and it went amazingly well. I was a bit nervous going in but she was just so lovely it was great. Had to go through my eating habits and I told her about the lose-it programme I've been using.
After looking at my general diet, exercise routines and goal targets she seemed pretty happy that I was well on the right track. Just a few worries that I'm not getting enough calcium or protein, so am adding in almonds, cottage cheese and more eggs into my diet!

Feeling good about this now knowing that even the dieticians happy with me! Although was just about to head off to uni after writing this but after looking out the window the grey gloomy weather is telling me to take the bus. Lucky I went for a walk this morning at the oh so early hours of 7am!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Loving the country air. PHOTOS

So am on my last day of my trip home. The 21st was a blast caught up with a lot of old family and friends.
My gorgeous dog Soul who is always my highlight of coming home, wish I could take him back with me.

Staying with mum is always interesting. Been get exercise in some unusual way. My first day here she had me painting a 30 metre fence which was 2 metres high,

you can see how often I missed the actual fence, my hands were a mess, blobs of it were in my hair and face and that stuff is not easy to get off!

Half way through painting the fence, keep in mind I couldn't fit the whole thing in the shot!

The next day we went to head in to town and found the car battery was flat so got in some good strength training pushing mums car up the hill so we could push start it down. Must have been hilarious to watch especially as I was wearing a skirt! Mum just smiled and said "well there you go makes up for you missing taikwando while your up".

Mums a very hard working independent women so shes always doing all her own home renovations and me being here is like Christmas come early coz now she has someone to help her. When I used to live at home, weekends usually meant her doing some job around the house and of course I got roped into it, what followed was usually something a little like this..........

"Hold it higher..... higher........I said HIGHER, good ok now twist it..... no the other way.... FOR FUCKS SAKE listen. ok now bring it lower......."

My response was usually some thing along the lines of....

"Fuck this do it yourself" .... Followed by a very stroppy moody teen for the rest of the day
As I got older I learnt to leave as soon as she started getting her DIY swing on. But I have not reverted to my stroppy teenage ways!

Not expecting to be seeing anything good on the scales tomorrow all this food omg so good. Haha I think I've had enough meat to last me a month. Great stuff seeming as I can never afford to buy it myself, being a student has made me and accidental vegetarian. Being back home has revived a few old habits but i'll be kicking them to the curb as soon as I jump back on that bus!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Here I go

Off on my wee (8 hour) roady this morning, got my bags packed and I ready to go. Must say the thing im most worried about is getting bored and eating everything on the way but I'm feeling pretty prepared snackwise. Got a bag full of air popped popcorn, some crackers and tuna and just have to run down to the shop and grab some fruit before I head off. My one guilty treat is a delicious cupcake made by my flatmate........... Yeap she had another baking session, lucky i'm going away and can't eat the whole damn lot.

Not looking forward to this bustrip! I'm missing two days worth of lectures (right before exams eeek!) so have brought two very massive and heavy textbook along for the ride. Oh the excitement, 8 hours of study! oh did I mention my MP3 broke 4 days ago, fantastic timing at least I'll get lots of work done!

Had a cheeky early weigh in today and hit 92.0kgs! Go me. Now to maintain that over the weekend.

Well off I go.........

Sunday, 2 October 2011


So its been a week since my last weigh in my goal was to hit 93kgs. I can happily say that I surpassed that goal this week and am sitting on 92.5kgs as of this morning. I had weighed myself a couple of days earlier and was hoping for a slightly better result so not too sure what happened there, but have to be happy either way!

So I have this big 21st to attend next weekend. I'll be sitting on a bus for 8 hours to get there and then have 3 days of good old home cooked food plus all the booze and snacks from the 21st on top. This week is going to take a lot of planning to stay focused and on track. But I can do it..... I think?

Will weigh in again next Monday as I will be travelling all 8 hours home again on Sunday. Excited for the trip and can't wait to see old friends and my family! Next Monday I want to hit
Would be great to see a stable 91. something on those scales been so long!