Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I went shopping this week! I splurged just a wee bit. I brought a new blue dress which is just a wee bit tight around the bust. However instead of going up a size my friend grabbed me and said "Look it already looks good, it would look better if it was just a little looser, but you are buying this and it is going to be your motivation dress!"

So like Megan (http://reinventingmeg.blogspot.com), I have myself a dress challenge! It's not a big challenge but its a challenge none the less. The best thing about this dress is knowing that I'll still be able to wear it once I've dropped a dress size!

I also picked up some new sneakers as mine were wearing a bit thin which has put me off using them for the last month. So new sneakers = rejuvenation of motivation?

New sneakers and my new fav drink

I also discovered this little beaut above. Schwepps light ginger beer. Now i'm not a fan of fizzy drinks and the only thing that I like less then fizzy is that sugar free crap. To me it tastes like plastic. Anyway with trying to cut as much crappy carbs out i.e processed foods, white bread, CHOCOLATE!!! i've been missing my sugar fix. Then I discovered this.... I know I said I hate fizzy but lemon lime bitter and ginger beer are my two exceptions. This ginger beer is 3 calories a serve! AND IT TASTES LIKE THE REAL THING!

Only pitfall is the phenylalonine which I have some memory of my secondary school biology teacher telling us will give us all cancer and to avoid it like the plague...... Then again, everything is supposedly a cancer risk these days!

You may have also noticed I've started a monthly progress chart. I've seen these around on other pages and think they are a great idea, although coz I'm technologically challenged I haven't the foggiest on how to make mine look awesome like the others I've seen. So it'll have to do :)
I've also finally committed to my goal of 75kgs by April. April is my 21st (Yes the whole month of April), so I want to be looking fab by then. Its a large amount, 15kgs, but having a goal to work towards is half the challenge!

Wooo what a rant! Sorry for the long update/post, just got a lot to catch up on :)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Weigh In

So I figured I should keep my motivation high. I'm going to start setting my weekly goals again.
As of this morning I am
- 92.2kgs

By next Monday I will be
- 91.7kgs

Weigh-in if I don't forget will be done each Monday morning, aiming to lose about 0.7 kgs a week!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

You've got to be kidding me

So just chilling waiting for my movie to download and thought I'd get some quick exercise in cos hey why not. So here I am on the floor doing 5 long minutes of situps which I hate with a passion, chuck it into loseit.com and apparently I burnt only 20 calories. I know it's only 5 minutes but you got to be kidding me. Apparently walking at an elderly pace for 5 minutes would have burnt more then situps,
Officially have a new reason not to do situps now!

Oh well, I geuss it is better then doing nothing right?

On the bright side, I got lots of sun today (pun intended). After the red goes down I'll be expecting a beautiful summer glow! Everyone looks good tan, except maybe the Jersey Shore gang *cringe*

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Garden update

So part two of the mission that is our garden. Today we got stuck in, after lounging round on the beach all day yesterday, which was amazing, it was about time to do something productive again.

So as I was saying last time our garden was more like a jungle.....

well now it looks more like this

we discovered wild mint already growing!!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Green over Greenfingers

So today, 3 days into my holiday, I started getting that feeling where you just have to get off your but and do something productive (anti-laziness???? I hate it when I've lost the word I'm looking for). Anyway so I started to tackle that thing out there that is not large enough to be deemed a backyard. Its just a small patch of weeds really, a small patch of weeds that the landlord keeps B****ing about despite the fact thats how it was when we moved in!!!

Anyway so today I tackled that "small" section of weeds only to find out its a NEVER ENDING JUNGLE! So I have a plan, I do, I do. Once all the weeds are out I am making a vege garden! I have no idea what I'm doing or how to do it but I have 2 whole months to sort it out. And who wouldn't want to see the fruits of their labour in such a delicious, edible goodly goodness such as these........

Monday, 14 November 2011

2 months of carefree sunshine ahead

So exams are over and the celebrations have been and gone. Time for me to start this thing we call a diet again. Started today of well but even just 3 weeks of laziness has made me realise that getting back to the pace I was at will be slow. Well I have 2 months with next to no commitments other then this so hopefully that will count for something!

Time to kick summer off with a bang...

First beach day of the year. Was super carefree, post exams!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

As I sit here on hold

This morning I have finally found some time to slot in an update.... I've been on hold for half an hour with studylink (The people who give me free money while I earn a degree/Sleep, drink and socialise) so decided to be productive in the wasteland of time the is being on hold.

So first exam down and I don't mean to sound cocky buuuut that was bloody amazing, literally everything I had predicted was in there and I pumped out essays faster then I could imagine. One more to go on Tuesday hopefully this one will be just as tame.

So as you can imagine between exams, starting a new job and dealing with the money gods (who still haven't answered the phone!), my focus hasn't been anywhere near weightloss. Despite this I have still managed to maintain my weight to a degree. Surprising considering the late night study takeout and halloween candy! I use to wish we would have no visits on Halloween so I could have the candy but this year I actually got disapointed and a little angry when we only had 7 or 8 kids visit.

One week till exams are done and I'll be 100% back to focusing on these goals and I'll stop neglecting this blog so much! But for now I'll just continue to listen to the ever so average "hold" music