Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas eve is here

On Thursday I took a 7 hour roady to come home for xmas, after the spot of shopping it turned into a 10 hour roady. Good to be home for christmas, grandparents and mum in company. To be honest i'm not even trying on my diet for the next week. I have family gatherings, dinner with friends, drinks at the pub and even a concert planned for the next week and a half.

Menu for Christmas day:
Glazed ham
Kumara and carrot salad
apricot and cream cheese filos
Chocolate mousse
and plenty of sweets, wine, strawberrys and cherries no doubt.

Its going to be a very merry day after seeing all the wine my grandparents popped in the shopping trolley this arvo!

Wishing you all a safe and happy christmas!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Wet weather blues....

It's nearly Christmas, it's December, technically its Summer. However the crappy weather is clearly not up with the play. Grey skies and downpours for the last two weeks here in Wellington, although I must admit its no where near as disheartening as what our friends in Nelson are dealing with.

Anyway due to crappy weather I've been about as energetic as a snail, probably even less so. The lethargy has definitely seen me eating carby hot fatty foods which although yum have generally made me feel like crap afterwards. So I have been avoiding the scales and avoiding the blog, I have kept up with the ones I follow however.

So this morning I stepped onto the scales and saw the number 89.5kgs. Its surprising to see it and a little worrying at the same time. This has dropped a heap despite me doing sweet F.A for 2 weeks and earlier in the week I was sitting on 93kgs. This has me worrying that my scales are broken or miscalculting.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Its not as dirty as it sounds.....

So you saw the title and want some scandal eh? Well tonight I went to a good friends leaving dinner at "Monsoon Poon", If you live with boys (read as immature children) like I do, you will see the dirty side to that. Monsoon Poon is our local South East Asian restaurant and tonight was the first time I really challenged myself to be food concious while eating out.

So as soon as I heard the destination for tonight I was on the net like a shot, perusing the menu to try to have an idea of what were some of the healthier (and cheaper) options. Now this website doesn't show nutritional info but basically I went for lots of veges (which I love anyway) = good and tried my best to avoid anything fried!

Ended up sharing starters with the group and although delicious I easily refrained from devouring the whole lot. Despite the fact they were deep fried, the vege Krishna pakhora's were delicious, basically deep fried cauli, potato etc. I had a taste of the peanut chicken kebab but it was literally just that, a taste, also a smidge of the yoghurt chicken and a few tiny Vietnamese summer rolls and dipping sauce - fresh grated carrot and glass noodles in a rice paper wrap!

For the main I went for the Bali prawn's in a green coconut curry with eggplant, zucchini, beans, capsicum and broccoli with a medium sized coconut rice. Ah-may-zing! I know that you never know what they put in your meals unless you make it, but I feel my choices were well made and am looking forward to trying to recreate that meal at home!

Best part of the night was being able to do up the last button on my new dress that was slightly to tight to do last week! My friend was right I did it!

Monday, 5 December 2011


Its Monday weigh in!!!!
So I jumped on the scales today hoping to see my goal of 91.6 gleaming up at me, I must admit I was a little disappointed when I saw 91.7. Then I thought Oh well it was still a solid effort.

It wasn't till I jumped on here to write this post that I realised my goal weight that I had aimed for, for this week was infact 91.7Kgs, looks like I made it after all.

In other news my flatmate made cookies again and of course they are wonderful in all their goodli-goodness or shoud that be goodli-badness? White chocolate and cranberry, and chocolate chip! om nom nom is all I have to say!


So as of today I am
- 91.7kgs
by next week I aim to be
- 91.0kgs

At this rate I may hit 90kgs by xmas!!!!!