Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Isn't it funny

I have been absent in my posts for over two weeks now.

Basically I've gone off the diet train, the exercise bus and the healthy living. I've been blaming it on being busy, because I am. I am flat out, all day busy with so much going on that it has been a little over whelming. However its my mind that has not been in the right place. Basically I've been feeling a little messed up for the last couple of weeks, partially from stress, partially from other life dramas but mostly because I look at the changes I have made to my life-style and health over the last year and I still see no progress. I don't look smaller, I don't weigh less. Physiologically I feel crappier, although in general mentally I feel healthier (don't get me wrong, that's something I'm ecstatic with).

Basically I've gotten to the point of "why should I care if nothings working". I'm on thyroid pills, I have a healthier diet and I am more active, so why do I weigh just as much as I did this time last year? Sure I am not at the gym every day but I am more active then many of my peers and it just makes me mad and frustrated and upset. Isn't it funny that my flatmate can eat Ice cream for breakfast do little physical activity and still be 3-4 sizes smaller than I.

Isn't it funny that at the start of this month I declared to "make July my B****" and mid way through I crumbled when I noticed I was right back to where I started a year ago. Isn't it funny that instead of actively pursuing my goals I punished/sabotaged/gave up on my self and have been eating less then the best.  Not that its terrible food, it's not cheeseburgers and fries everyday all day, but still its comfort food and its not the greatest. I've had roasts, nachos, cheese toasties, pavlova and cheesecake (although these were for my Nana's 80th and I was very restrictive with my servings - mini win yay!), Ice cream and chocolate/candy - not all in one day! I've talked myself out of exercise because hey whats the point if I'm not losing weight from it.

Isn't it funny that despite doing all these things I am 100% aware of how stupid I am for doing them and how damaging it is not only for my weight-loss goals but also for my physical and mental well being, yet I don't stop these bad choices the next day.

Isn't it funny that despite all my enthusiasm, July was not my bitch this year. But today it is August and although I didn't get it right throughout the day so far, I have 30 more days to try. I'm sick of restarting and it frustrates me to know that I do not have the motivation and determination to stay steady in my focus, I remember what I've typed in previous entries and feel so disappointed that those moments of focus and determination keep faltering.

So I enter August - feeling a wee bit defeated but not ready to give up. I have no set goals for this month, I will just see where I end up come the 31st. It's basic science weight = energy in - energy out. I can do this I am in my 3rd and final year of a science degree am I not?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tui's ultimate crunchy salad.....

Tui's ultimate crunchy salad..... 

3-4 radishes cubed
1/4 of a red onion finely chopped
1 stick of celery roughly chopped
6 green beans roughly chopped
3 pickles/Gherkins roughly chopped
Half a capsicum/bell pepper roughly chopped
two tablespoons of light mayonaise
(I added some diced cooked chicken one day and another a can of tuna but its delish on its own too)

Serves one as a main or two for a side! 115 calories (not including chicken or tuna)
1 of the yummiest salads I have had in ages and super filling!


So this week has been a 50/50 week for me, half good, half bad. Need more exercise and less chocolate!

Not the best food, had Chocolate and went out for steak dinner which came with hot chips and salad. I ate slowly so I new when I was full and could stop. This is extremely hard to do when your dinner comes out 10 minutes after everyone else's and there's smells amazing. I was also surprised at how quickly they wolfed theirs down then again two of them were athletes and they left still hungry where I was stuffed and couldn't have had dessert if I wanted it.

I also did a Zumba session, 1 hour, 560 calories burned.

Made an amazing omelette for breakfast filled with spinach, tomato, red onion and green beens nom nom. Made homemade sweet and sour pork for dinner. Next time I will not batter it and save myself some calories, it didn't add as much yumminess to the dish as I though it would so I'm sure I won't miss it!

Zumba Toning, 1 hour, approx 560 calories burned!

Better eating today. Introduced radishes to my diet and they are amazing.

I can eat 4 of them for just 3-4 calories.

1 hour Zumba, 559 calories burned

flatmate had a girls night at ours. Chickflicks a few drinks and of course snack, I was good I had gherkins, mango, yoghurt and water but I couldn't help but have just 3 of there lollies (I was super proud of my restraint!). But the next day all I wanted was chocolate and I devoured the rest that had been left out the next day.
No exercise either

Thursday I worked from 1-9 I ate well - had the salad and a sandwich and oats. but also had some chocolate.

Brought chocolate to replace the one I had eaten - ate some of that :(
Had a party ate good and healthy salad with pork for dinner. Drank lots...... like really lots. But had most of it brought for me wahooo for the student budget. boooo for the hidden liquid calories. I took half a bottle of vodka, was given tequila shots and then went to town and was brought bourban and coke the rest of the night

At least I got a workout with the walking to town and dancing

Ate good - didn't have the money to go buy bad treats. But somehow I managed to really hurt myself. And by that I do not just mean the hangover I suffered. I've pulled a muscle in my leg and can barely walk hence why today (Sunday) I am writing this and am not at work. Pretty guttered kinda needed the money but at least it gives me time to sort my life for tomorrow - I start a fresh semester at uni. Really looking forward to it and excited for the papers i'm taking!

p.s got my marks in finally A for behavioural conservation and an A- for my Race and Gender paper (I'm taking Geography and Environmental science - that's why they're such different papers!

Papers this semester

- Topics in Envi Science (Nuclear power, ocean acidification, global warming etc.)
- Self directed study for environmental science (Like a mini thesis)
- Advanced Resource Management
- Geographies of Globalisation

Can't wait!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

SSSD checkin and goals 5/6

So I am not posting progress pics and I am not confidant with measuring myself because everytime I go to do it I get different numbers and I'm sad to say I'm not even too sure which parts I'm suppose to be measuring. My mum never did sewing when I was younger so it was just something I never learned... I have a memory of one time having to measure myself for a fitting or something and I asked mum where my waist was... "how can you not know where your waist is?" was the response I got back. Although I know the general area of my waist now I'm still not 100% on where in that area I measure......

Buut I did get my hands on a scale and mid-week last week I was 96kgs, I weighed in this morning and was 94.4kgs so lost 1.6kgs (3.5lbs) so feeling like I smashed that challenge out of the park. Although part of me is sure that it was just water weight the other part of me is going "SCREW THAT, I WORKED BLOODY HARD AND AM CLAIMING IT", cause you know what, I did work bloody hard. In the last 5 days I have had 4 days of exercise and a total of 5 hours working out. I'm hoping to add another hour and 40-45 to that today. I have Zumba toning tonight (1 hour) and hopefully will get in a jog today (40-45 mins). That alone will burn me over 750 calories! how awesome is that!

Week 6 - (begin July 8) - VEGETARIAN WEEK

This is going to be hard for me.

  1. Its Tuesday and I had steak last night when I went out for dinner with friends
  2. I'm quite poor and a lot of my food I by in bulk when its on special so at the moment I have quite bit of meat in the freezer
  3. I also have a heap of meals in the freezer that I have pre-made and a lot of them have meat
Although I'd love to eat vegetarian this week my bank balance will prob not allow me to completely restock my fridge. So I'll try to get in as many veges and fruit as I can this week but can not commit to the challenge. Sorry. But at least I usually don't eat that much meat anyway probably like 3-4 meals a week only!

I will still however be eating healthy, balanced meals and limiting my intake of processed, fatty and sugary   foods! Whole grains, veges, fruit, lean meats and seafood here I come!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Full steam ahead!

So on Thursday I pulled finger and decided that it was time to stop half assing it and making excuses!
So for the last three days I have been giving it my all! 3 days - 3 workouts = total of 4 hours exercise! Guess what.... that's 4 hours more then last week!

Today is Sunday, I'm going to take today as a rest day. But that doesn't mean a rest from healthy eating today - Infact its even more of a reason to get my eating right today. The last three days have been good exercise wise and in a broad picture good eating wise too, although I have allowed myself 2 treats so far. Friday I had coffee and fries with a friend and last night I made myself a single serve microwave cookie ..... Never again single serve cookie my arse. Chuck the recipe in LoseIt afterwards and it cost me 400 odd calories. What a nutritional waste! Luckily I had eaten well and exercised hard earlier in the day but whoooosh I was not expecting such a high number in 1 single serve cookie - and it wasn't even that nice!

Anyway, I have a dinner to go to tomorrow night. I've pre-read the menu and have already worked out what will be the best and worst choices. Ready to kickstart tomorrow morning with some Zumba to really get my day started and then maybe a run mid afternoon to help balance out my dinner!

Am even building myself up to join the uni gym. I know that sounds stupid and everyone I have mentioned it too are just like "pull up you big girl panties and join the damm gym". And I know I should. Yet that little voice inside my head is saying - "when you get on the treadmill/elliptical your gunna jiggle and people you know, who are in your classes will see you and will judge you". I know its stupid and I know that people have got better things to do then judge my fat ass jiggling but it really is mind over matter. And for goodness sake its $65 for 3 months - Bargain or what!

So working on small achievements this month! 

Oh and also we got a scale will post weight on Monday Mornings. Got on scale the other day and quickly got off again when I saw the number. Unfortunately I'm back to floating around the mid 90's. Hard work lost but at least I know now! 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Feeling good

So that run I had planned on Monday - Yeah didn't do it. But I did one today. I can definitely tell its been a couple of weeks since my last run. It was hard, it was raining, my arms were freezing, there was rain in my eyes, but I did it. And I feel great for it, and I always do.

The most amazing part was getting my rain and sweat soaked freezing body into the warm shower afterwards and then adding my workout to LoseIt and seeing the calories deficit I have (Haven't had breakfast yet).

I joined Pinterest this week and I love it. Fav thing I have found so far is definitely this

New power motto

I'm feeling so motivated and inspired at the moment and I really want to stay focused and on track and I know I always have these moments but just this once I really want to see it through. I am going to stay focused, I am going to stay on track and I am going to get myself a body and lifestyle I can be proud of.

All it took today was for me to convince myself to put my workout clothes on. After that it was convincing myself to step out the door. Then I convinced myself that just because it had started to rain I didn't have to give up. That's what it takes for me - small arguments in my mind about things I can overcome. Today healthy me won! Someday I hope these arguments will cease to exist and getting up to workout will be a habit I don't want to miss out on. So fake it till you make it Tui.

Get your booty out the door and the rest will come....

Told ya I was feeling inspired today. Anyway off to make breakfast-
Porridge, Chia seed, stewed apples, prunes and sliced almonds om nom nom

Monday, 2 July 2012

Back - Again

So I disappeared for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately we had some devastating news last week. A good friend and all round great man was killed. It has had a massive impact on my home town as he was such a big part of the community. It will be sad going back home and no longer being able to pop in and see his beautiful smile and crazily enthusiastic ways he makes his pizzas (he owned the most amazing pizza shop!).

That coupled with exams and a full on 9 hour a day work shifts just had me a little overwhelmed I'm sorry to say. But today is monday and it is a fresh week and the sun is actually shining which is amazing as we are in winter here. And I have a run planned for this arvo!

So this weeks challenge is Week 5 - (begin July 1) - LOSE 2 lbs THIS WEEK (and post pics/measurements if doing so). 
I'm not too sure how I'm going to measure this. It may be time to invest in a new scale. we will see with the pics.

I didn't post a healthy recipe but I'm planning to put up my chicken soup recipe soon!!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Its only Tuesday and I have already completed my weekly challenge - wahooo.

Just got in from my first zumba toning class. Was awesome, massive sweet session. I think I like this even more then regular Zumba. I loved the Pump class I free trialled at my friends gym once and so this sort of gives me that same rush!

I however look less like these people and more like a fish that somehow got thrown out of its bowl! But I'm sure I'll get better :)

and another new thing for today....


Had these beauties in my super healthy breakfast this morning. Half a cup of cooked porridge (or as some know as oats), stewed apples, chia seeds, tsp of honey (eek), a 1/4 cup of milk all topped with a handful of sliced almonds - was delish! And minus the honey my dietician would be proud!

Segway-ing in from that..... Had my appointment with my dietician yesterday. My BRAND NEW dietician. Old dietician graduated and moved onto better things I'm guessing. But new dietician is lovely! He's supportive and seems to think I'm on the right track. Apparently I work out more then he does! Oh and he's cute to boot!

Things I noted I need to work on is reducing salt and breads/carbs in my diet.

I have another meeting on the 27th of August so hopefully I can lose some weight by then. Nothing more motivating then knowing in so many weeks you have to jump on the scale in front of a guy. So needing to carry on with this upswing in activity I have planned especially since I have apparently put on 3kgs since start of this year. Am thinking it may be a mixture of a few bad choices and the thyroid meds. I've been reading around and a heap of people who are taking thyroid medication had noted the same thing. 

So need to work harder I guess!

Monday, 18 June 2012

SSSD week 2 re-cap

I started out week 2 phenomenally.

45 min run
30 min floor exercises

So stoked with that run. Had fun with some exercise toys that my flatmate who is moving out (so is desperately trying to unload stuff) gave me (I also got clothes wahoo). I got a thigh resistance thing and a resistance band thing (I know great explanations). So basically just used them and did crunches and core work.

30 min Walk

Not so great today.

Weds and Thurs:
Worked from early till late missed zumba and run :(

Was suppose to go to Salsa but was running short on money.

3 hours of dancing. Went to town for 5 hours most of that was spent on the d-floor. And the way I dance is high energy so I just know I was burning some cals

Work again plus hangover = no exercise.

So I didn't hit six hours fell short by about an hour and 15 mins.
Was disappointed with this week but sometimes life happens and you need to say yes to those long extra shifts. Can't beat myself up can only do better this week. I have an exam 7 days from today and don't have work this entire time so still room for excuses but at least I can structure my own study sessions around work outs.

Oh and seeing dietician at 3pm today. will fill you in!

This weeks challenge
Try a new exercise or piece of equipment.
Planning to try a Zumba toning class tomorrow night and Salsa on Friday!!!

Best of luck to all for the coming week!

Exercise plan for this week
Mon: Run
Tue: Zumba Toning
Wed: Zumba
Thur: Run
Fri: Salsa and Run
Sat: Zumba
Sun: Rest/Study my butt of for Mondays exam!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

C25K week 2!!!!

For those of you who have been following along with my C25K progress you will be amazed to know after weeks of week 1 repetitions I finally moved onto week 2!

My repetitions of week 1 have been for various reasons.

  • Fitness
  • Leaving too much time between workouts etc
But I think my main reason has been that week 1 has been my security blanket. I was scared to try week 2 incase I failed and wanted to give in. So I just continued on with week 1 in a comfortable sort of way.
To be honest I was planning on doing week 1 again today but when I went to put it on it was mysteriously missing from my podcasts.

No idea how that happened but instead of giving in a toddling off home again I decided to give week 2 a shot. 

Week 2 started off a breeze I kept it light and steady. Half way through I was feeling it though. My lungs and breathing were fine it was my legs they were killing me. Burning up a storm thats for sure. So I pushed through another run and decided that\, being sick and all, I would head in. I know excuses right. Anyway on my walk home I found I was not able to jog part of it but I wanted to. 

Funny the things our head tricks us into doing/giving up on. So I jogged part of the way home. I didn't time it but it was a pretty decent couple of stretches. 

So starting the day feeling proud and confident! 
And now I KNOW when I'm over this darn cold (I'm sure I'm just a magnet for all those little sick bugs :( ) I will be able to smash this week and hopefully feel confident enough to move onto week 3.

Monday, 11 June 2012

SSSD first week check in

I like to keep my calories around 1400 or less. I try not to stress if I go a little over. On my calorie count I set my limit to 1351 - which is suppose to allow me to lose 2lbs a week.When I was following this rigorously it did not work (which may be because of my thyroid) so I have loosened up a bit a focus more on what I eat and exercise. Although this week for exercise was atrocious, I had 2 major hand-ins due for uni by the end of the week so all my spare time was spent on finishing and polishing up my work.

I really need to maintain good grades. I have been told if I can keep my grades up it is likely that my 1st year of postgrad will be funded. I've also been passed on a letter by a lecturer who has suggested post-grad for me and suggested if I choose to continue that she is open as a supervisor. - Yay! sorry we brag moment there. But as you can see this week was 100% study for me! 

so the remainder of my week looked like this

B: Tomato on toast and 1 cup of fresh pineapple
S: Mandarin
L: Chicken Soup and Bread roll
S: Ham roll thing
D: Spinach, canned tomatoes, onion, mushroom and steak
S: Candy

Calories: 1638
Exercise: Zumba - 337
TOTAL: 1301

B: Tomato on toast
S: Whitikers chunk bar (Choc)
L: Left over Spinach, canned tomatoes, onion, mushroom with pasta
D: Spinach, canned tomatoes, onion, mushroom and steak

Calories: 1403

Did not track friday. I was stuck at uni till 10pm on Friday handing in finals. I didn't take the time to track woops. From memory was going good till 6ish when I realised I was starving and all the cafes were closed and brought vending machine food :( chips and chocolate not good!

B: Mandarin x 3
S: Licorice logs
L: Chicken soup and 3 peices of bread
D: Roast pork, kumara (sweet potato), potato, carrot, onion, pumpkin with gravy and stewed apples

Calories: 1534

B: McDonalds Bendict Bagel and hashbrown /orange juice
L: Leftovers from roast in 2 sandwhiches
D: same as lunch

Calories: 1573

This weeks goal 6 hours of exercise

M: Walk from uni: 50 mins
T: Run 45 mins, Zumba Toning 1hr
W: Zumba 1hr
F: Run45 mins
S: Zumba 1hr, Run 45 mins

TOTAL: 6 hours 10 mins + if not raining walk to and/or from uni on Tues!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

SSSD Day 1 and 2 food log.

gahr not looking forward to doing this

B: Half a Cup of red grapes
S: Chunk of blue cheese
L: Steak, Broccoli and Carrot
D: Chicken Noodle soup and 2 slices of wholegrain bread
S: Choc coated Caramel Marshmallows
Drinks: Two Lemonades with lime

Calories: 1527

Today was hard. I woke up late as it was a public holiday and it had been a BIG weekend. Think big as in the sense - Party, Clubbing, Home at 4 a.m to find a Gas leak, Evacuation, Fire brigade - Finally in bed by 6 a.m and then off to work at 11.

We have a ton of mixers left from our party and I'm trying to not drink them I really am. My portions for these meals need to be cut down smaller steak and only one piece of bread.

B: Fresh Pineapple & muesli with custard and berries from a cafe
S: Crackers with blue cheese, sundried tomatoes, red onion and tomato
L: Steak with chicken Salad - Late Lunch
S: Perky Nana (Chocolate bar)
D: Ice cream sundae -ooops

Calories: 1677

I probably won't be having an actual dinner tonight the steak was large and has filled me up for sure. Big blowout for breakfast (430 calories!) - the custard muesli thing was from a cafe at uni it was delicious but I only brought it because I ran out of time for breakfast this morning and the pineapple just wasn't keeping my mind running.

Had a crap day and came home from uni about 3 and had the Salad which I'd taken with me for lunch but wanted some hot protein with it. Again portion sizes need to be checked. Am waiting to long to eat and getting super hungry, which means I don't think about my choices.

Crap day continued and I indulged in more crap :(

Goals for tomorrow

  • Eat a big but healthy breakfast.
  • Eat before I am starving
  • Its Winter here - Salads are less appealing try to take something to microwave for lunches
  • Watch portion sizes

Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer Sizzle Slim Down


Bust - 119 cm 
Waist - 112 cm
Hips - 123 cm
Thigh Left- 67 cm
Thigh Right - 65 cm
Upper Arm Left- 37 cm
Upper arm right - 38 cm
Neck - 39cm

unfortunately I am without scales that are reliable at the moment. But I think I have a Drs appointment this week so will get my weight then!

I'm not to worried about this though. I'm more excited to see a change in shape and measurements then a change of number on the scale. Both would be ideal but doing measurements is something new to me (So not sure how accurate mine are but if I'm consistently measuring the wrong place it should be fine :)  )

I'll post photos when I'm feeling more confidant I think.

My weekly exercise goals will look a little something like this:

C25K x3, 
Walk to AND from uni x1, 
Zumba x 1, 
Live exercise x1

However they are not set in stone as long as I get 6 hours of exercise in a week, preferably more but no less then 6. This is at the recommendation of my dietician. I have study break coming up and will have plenty of time to smash this goal and set myself up for some good exercise habits just need to stay focused and motivated!

I'm looking forward to this weeks Challenge - Log everything you eat. At the same time I'm a wee bit frightened - I'm terrible when it comes to drinks I never log them or hardly ever anyway even though I know how much sugar can be hiding in those suckers! I log on Loseit! if you want to check up on me feel free to add me my profile name is tui.arona

Good luck to all!

RFSC - Final check in

Ready for summer challenge was great. It definitely had its ups and downs and the last two weeks I could barely find the time to post here. Sorry for that :(

Despite my crazy busy life over the last two weeks my eating has been relatively under control. I would have liked to do more on the exercise front but unfortunately I just didn't have the time to fit it in every day - I still managed to get some for 3 days.

So these were my goals:

1. weight loss goal
- Minimum goal = Weight loss of 5kgs
- Ultimate goal = Weight loss of 10kgs

So for this I'm not certain. Our scales are still shot despite the new batteries. Stood on it one morning and it told me I was 80 something kgs next day I was 140kgs so I have very little faith in them. If it helps I feel lighter, I feel like the places of my curves have changed and my bones are that much closer.

2. non-scale goal
- Minimum Goal = Down one dress size
- Ultimate Goal = Down two dress sizes

I didn't quite hit this. My pants feel looser yet I don't feel I'm quite ready to go down a dress size a couple more weeks and I might be there.

3. exercise goal
- Minimum Goal = 40mins 3x a week walk to uni (or from) + at least one 40min session of higher intensity
- Ultimate Goal = 40mins 6x a week walk to or from uni + 2 higher intensity 40 min session

I'm really happy with my exercise. It didn't follow quite what I have here and half way through i changed it up a bit but I feel like the idea of exercise is less unappealing and I'm much more ready to walk to uni or chuck on a pair of trainers and go for a jog now. My confidence in exercising has improved

4. nutrition goal
- Minimum goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 calories a day
- Ultimate goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 cals a day and only 1 serve of chocolate a week!!!

This too I feel ok with. Could have been better. I think the thing I need to improve on the most is calculating how those special nights out need to be balanced for earlier in the week. Chocolate consumption has dropped although its still needs more work too.

I feel RFSC helped me adjust my attitude to me that is more important then losing the weight straight away. Without a change in attitude I can't expect a long term change can I.

On a side note doctor has doubled my thyroid prescription so see how that goes am on the third day of it now!

Hope everyone else did amazingly this challenge. For me I will be starting the Summer Sizzle Slim Down challenge which is being held by Rochelle. Hopefully what I started here can be continued and improved through this challenge.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

C25k Success


Today I completed a whole session of C25K week 1. I will do at least 2 more of these before the end of the week.

I can't believe how much easier it was today. I focused a lot more on completing the times then actual speed which is fine by me speed will come second to stamina and thats ok.

I'm just so happy I completed every single 60 second running session. I ran for 8 minutes. 8 WHOLE MINUTES! I know that doesn't seem like a lot. But to me it is and I am super proud. The first 4 runs I didn't even get puffed. I actually felt disappointed that I had to start my brisk walk - I was feeling that good! By the 5th I was starting to feel it but pushing through till the last one was a heap easier then I had thought it would be.

Seeing this improvement has definitely motivated me to make sure I carry on. Hopefully I can complete the last two of week 1 and move onto week 2 next week.

Monday, 21 May 2012

I'm still here

I'm still here and still chugging along. Unfortunately my life has been a bit manic over the last two weeks and whenever I've had the time to write up a post I have put it off in favour of sleeping, socialising or exercising.  However this morning I accidentally (Subconsciously I'd say its on purpose) missed the start of my lecture so have decided to finally get in a post.

Yes my week has been manic. But it has also been good. Not perfect, not great but good. After my meeting with the dietician I had a new weekly goal plan

Weekly I have to do

  • C25K x3, 
  • Walk to AND from uni x1, 
  • Zumba x 1, 
  • Live exercise x1
I did C25k once, this needs a lot of improvement. I have realised that if I don't do this early in the morning or within an hour of waking I won't do it at all. In the afternoons I find a million reasons to not do it. But once is a start I'm still on week 1 which to be honest is ok with me. Fitness is something that I will need to build up to I'm expecting it to take a while. I did however do a heap better this time then any time before so I'll take that as improvement thank you.

I walked to and from uni twice plus another night walk for my biology experiment. I'd call that a success. 
Zumba once on a Saturday (early) morning. I was surprised and a little proud that I actually managed to follow through on that one as Saturday is usually designated sleep in day.

Live exercise did not happen. Again its one of those things I pt off. Think I need to get it over and done with early in the week.

so 5 blocks of exercise this week. Not bad could be better.

Nutrition has been mixed. Every day this week I took a salad for lunch - Salad in a jar 

Its been so delicious and easy can't imagine why I have never thought about it before.

Mine have been made up of From bottom to top

  • Red Onion
  • Celery
  • Lite ranch vinergerette (It marinates the celery and onion super tasty)
  • Red Capsicum
  • Olives
  • Sundried tomato
  • Chicken breast with Italian and Moroccan herbs and spices
  • Couscous
  • Lettuce
I either make it the night before or early morning and then when I go to eat it pour it into another bowl. I tried shaking it up but found that only the dressing got moved around. I ate it layer by layer a few times but having it in another bowl is probably best. 

In saying that I have also had several biscuits and a slice of pizza and a programme launch I assisted with this week. However I limited my self to one slice and during a friends birthday dinner I stuck to water and one cocktail and declined ordering off the expensive but delicious looking menu because I had a healthy filling dinner before. Luckily I wasn't the only one who wasn't eating I was a bit worried I was going to look rude. But its my body and my bank account and the main reason for the night was to be there for my friend.

Anyway looking forward to this week. I imagine its going to be just as manic as the last two. I have assignments due, exam study sessions to organise for the first and second years, volunteers to find for our science in schools programme, a house inspection, lectures, labs/tutorials and work. Lets not forget getting in my workouts. 

Better get to uni so I don't miss another lecture in one day.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Meeting with the dietician

Yesterday I met with my dietician for the second time. The first was in August when I started this. I have to admit I felt so guilty and judged walking in there. She even made me show her what I had brought for lunch, to my horror it was left over spag bol - although it was crammed with plenty of veges. We both new I hadn't lost the weight I wanted to. I've probably even put it on again. To be honest I'm not sure - still no scale.

Anyway she asked me how life, diet, study exercise is going and we came up with a few goals for me they are as follows

  • Cut out honey from my stewed fruit - This annoys me I maybe use 1 or 2 tsp of this a week a feel like its a healthy alternative to make my stewed fruit feel like a treat. I don't add it to all my stewed fruit just when its a bit tart or I'm craving something sweeter. Anyway shouldn't be too hard to do
  • My morning snack must be fruit - Again this annoyed me. I enjoy fruit and eat it regularly I have 2 servings almost every breakfast. I feel a boiled egg or a weightwatchers snack bar are not bad choices for me - But again her orders.
  • Weekly I have to do C25K x3, Walk to AND from uni x1, Zumba x 1, Live exercise x1. This seems achievable. I imagine the hardest will be C25K as we start to go into winter.
  • Takeaway replacements - I have takeaways maybe 3x a month. This last month has been worse due to all the travelling but in general its not too bad really. Now I need to make sure I have quick easy meal options available at all times. I feel like this is reasonable. What I don't think is reasonable is the ideal that I should never be allowed takeaways ever. I'm an "in moderation" type of girl
  • Last but not least - Cut down my portions.

Basically I feel like a food nazi stomped all over me. I have a healthy diet in general. Yes this last month has been bad on the takeaway front but that was due to travel - Its not an everyday thing. I feel a tsp of honey once a week isn't something I should be slammed on. Surely a tsp of honey in stewed fruit is better then the chocolate bar I truly crave.

Yes my portions could be reduced and my exercise needs to be increased but other then that I think I'm doing not too bad in a general sort of way. My chocolate consumption has dropped and I've been avoiding baked and processed goods like the plague almost. I mean I'm not going to lie I had 2 choc biscuits at a meeting on Friday. But these things are once or twice in a month treats.

Anyway I have another meeting in 6 weeks time to check my progress. Hopefully I'll see some change as I will be following these tips no matter how ridiculous I find some of them unless in the case of the honey I find i really super do need it to keep the sugar monster at bay. I would rather consume 40 calories of honey with my fruit then 400 odd in a chocolate bar.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

I'm failing but not quitting

I'm not feeling good. My last two or three weeks have been let downs and I only have myself to blame. Yes I'm sick again (3rd time in 6 weeks this is not ok) but that still doesn't give me permission to be flexible with my food if anything I should be stricter. I know I'm not going to achieve my major goals and I feel like my effort, determination and will-power just keeps getting worse. I know even if I don't achieve what I set out to do, at least its a step in the right direction. I'm seeing my nutritionist/dietician tomorrow and hoping to start refreshed for the week.

Week 6 Review-

  • C25K week 1 again am not confident to move on yet. - Fail. I have many excuses for this - sick, rain, study, busy, lazy. But I can't live my life if its filled with excuses. Basically I didn't do it. Not 1 session. I know its sad and I'm disappointed in myself. I had plans to do it but somehow those excuses just seemed to take over
  • No takeaways - Fail. I brought takeaways once when I was in a hurry and the eggs I had just made for dinner were off. It was right before my Zumba class and I felt gross immediately after and couldn't perform as well in the routine.
  • 2 Live exercise workouts - Fail. I did 1 Zumba class which I will count towards my high intensity workout instead of live exercise.
  • Uni walk 2 times - Success. Not the uni walk but I did get 1 massive walk in through the bush catching moths in the dark (Uni biol project!) and half a walk home from uni (new shoes - I know more excuses)
  • Buy some more leggings have worn all mine out from jogs/walks etc the holes that are starting to appear in the thighs although a good reminder to work out to stop that rubbing is kinda sad/gross/embarrassing - Success. Leggings brought
  • Average of 1450 cals - success last week I CAN DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!! - 1452 cals on average. But there are a few things I know I missed when counting my calories this week. I know I can do better
  • Make one of the cauliflower recipes from DAMY health - Success made pizza cauli bites they are YUM! added a chili and a couple of cloves of garlic and it was great. They are in my freezer ready for lunches. For about 20-30 calories a piece. NOTE - I used big muffin trays instead of mini which made 10 pieces 
  1. Complete week 1 C25K - all three sessions
  2. Zumba once twice if I have time - I brought a 10 trip concession card so being broke is not an excuse neither is the weather
  3. I made and froze a bunch of meals on Saturday so absolutely no excuse to buy takeaways
  4. No spending excess $$ this means lunches, coffees, chocolates, nail polishes etc - You are saving up for a Girls night out in 2 weeks time
  5. If you need to spend money buy some damm batteries for your scale so you can stay more accountable.
  6. Meet with dietician and discover some new tips to change up my diet to be better for me
  7. Saturday - Will need to make more freezer meals

Thats enough for this week I think. A week with no excuses, if its raining, get outside if its light, get inside and do some work out videos if its heavy. 

Reminder: You are not happy this way, every time you look in the mirror, you cringe. You are the only person with the power to change this - and that does not mean that you will just stop looking in the mirror. No one can do this for you. Now stop being lazy and making excuses and put in some damm hard effort in coz in a weeks time you will sit here and regret every time you let the opportunity, to make an effort, slip by.

There we are hopefully that told me. This week I will try harder. Good luck for week 7 all!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Naughty me!

Naughty me, 2 reasons.
1. Its Tuesday and I am only just doing my week reveiw/plan
2. I'm doing it while I sit here with a glass of wine and some blue cheese and tomato on crackers...NOM NOM!

So these were my week 5 goals Week 5 Goals
  • Nutrition - I nearly hit my calorie target in week 4 so this week I will hit it . - Success daily average was 1416, under limit by average of 34 cals a day YAY ME!
  • Nutrition - Make sure calories are quality calories - i.e veges, not cake. - not at all had too much takeaways away on my trip dammit
  • Nutrition - Budget calories wisely as I have a 21st up home to attend this weekend! - SUCCESS!
  • Exercise - Exercise 800+ calories off - SUCCESS 1540 calories burnt
  • Exercise - Begin C25K - SUCCESS! Started but only managed 2/3 workouts 
  • NSV - Find an awesome present for my cousins 21st - SUCCESS! 
  • NSV - Get 30% of 4000 word essay completed so that's 1200 words. - Fail
  • NSV - Manage my time efficiently so I can obtain all these goals before friday (Away for 21st!) - Fail
So 5/8 not bad at all!

Goals for this week
  • C25K week 1 again am not confident to move on yet.
  • No takeaways
  • 2 Live exercise workouts
  • Uni walk 2 times
  • Buy some more leggings have worn all mine out from jogs/walks etc the holes that are starting to appear in the thighs although a good reminder to work out to stop that rubbing is kinda sad/gross/embarrassing
  • Average of 1450 cals - success last week I CAN DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!!
  • Make one of the cauliflower recipes from DAMY health

just a quick check in today!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

C25k week 1, day 2

So did my second day of C25K today - They recommend a day of rest in between so I just did a walk yesterday. And when I say a walk I actually mean a 12km walk. It was from the Hill suburb I live in to town, then around the bays to one of the coastal Suburbs. As much as I would like to say I walked back, I didn't by that stage my brand new cross-trainers had given me three blisters :(

Anyway I donned the plasters and thick socks and went out to try day 2 today. Although I didn't complete all the running sessions, I did so much better then last time. I completed an extra whole 60 second session then I did last time and ran for a lot longer in the last couple then I could manage last time which wasn't hard considering as I walked the last two on day 1. So, very pleased at my progress today :)

I also found this awesome site - DAMY Health, it has some amazing recipes with things you can do with cauliflower. Like make a pizza crust for about 110 calories (depending on your serving size), fried (Cauli) rice, and cauli pizza bites. Looking forward to trying them out.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I started today. Woke up at 6.30 - took me 20 mins to convince myself to get out of bed, and then I was off.

Hmmm that kinda makes it sound like I was speeding along. and that I was not. More like an awkward ambling motion I think.

I have to say I greatly overestimated my fitness. When I downloaded it I listened to week 1 for a bit did some jogging on the spot and was like pffft this is a piece of cake I can totally do this, I should skip week 1 and start on week 2.

Lets just say I am ever so grateful I did not skip week 1. First try was a B****. I started well. 60 second run 90minute walk and so on. But into my 3rd jog I was feeling the burn. They definitely need a "pre -week one" podcast where you run for 30 seconds, lie down for 90, walk for 90 etc.

I ended up just doing the best I could. Even if it meant going super slow or even switching to walking half way through. All in all I think I gave it a pretty decent attempt and hope the second session for week 1 goes better :)

My pedometer and calorie calculator thingy says I burnt about 250 calories and I walk/jogged/loped almost 4kms in 35 minutes so pretty happy with my efforts this morning. Then came home and had warm stewed pear and feijoas with low fat apricot yoghurt and almonds for breakfast!

So I have a question. Who uses a pedometer out there and how accurate do you think they are? I didn't track my entire day but am up to nearly 9,000 steps (this is excluding about 5 hours worth of my day) and its telling me that that many steps means I've burnt 800 odd calories. I'm not adding this as I don't classify walking from classes (no matter how many flights of stairs up they are) as exercise but I was just wondering if this is an accurate measure or if my Ipod is a little off. I certainly don't feel like I burnt 800+ calories today although my legs are already a little sore from this mornings run.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Week 4 check in week 5 goals!

Very quick post this morning - Two hour uni lecture at 9am (in an hour and a half) so here we go

Week for check in
exercise goal

- Minimum Goal = 40mins 3x a week walk to uni (or from) + at least one 40min session of higher intensity - No only 1 higher intensity session this week
- Ultimate Goal = 40mins 6x a week walk to or from uni + 2 higher intensity 40 min session - No

nutrition goal
- Minimum goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 calories a day - Almost, was an average of 40 cals a day off.
- Ultimate goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 cals a day and only 1 serve of chocolate a week!!! - No, still struggling with the hold chocolate has on me. 4 days with chocolate this week :(
My limit this week for the entire week is - 10,150 calories over by 280 Cals

Week 5 Goals
  • Nutrition - I nearly hit my calorie target in week 4 so this week I will hit it 
  • Nutrition - Make sure calories are quality calories - i.e veges, not cake. 
  • Nutrition - Budget calories wisely as I have a 21st up home to attend this weekend!
  • Exercise - Exercise 800+ calories off
  • Exercise - Begin C25K
  • NSV - Find an awesome present for my cousins 21st
  • NSV - Get 30% of 4000 word essay completed so that's 1200 words.
  • NSV - Manage my time efficiently so I can obtain all these goals before friday (Away for 21st!)

So I have had a wee switch up this week. A little change never hurt anyone (Although I do wish it was the kind you find at the bottom of your bag). I have several goals this week, not all weight orientated. I figure if I set myself several I'm more likely to be able to tick some off this time round!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Perceptions/Self deception

*WARNING* This is a pretty damm emo post! Also I have now installed? (I'm so tech challenged I don't even know if that's the right word) a Mini challenge page (Cheers Nanette for the inspiration) and a recipes page at the top of my blog!

Tonight I had a run in with the flatmates. I asked a question and got snobbed. Later I asked another question and got snobbed. Later when it happened for a third time I got really angry (Not in a tantrum way, more in a snotty screw you kinda way). My flatmates boyfriend (who had just arrived) understood, yet they could not get why I was so upset that I was ignored and joked about how I was in a bad mood.

Then I got into my own head and started analysing all my relationships and I realised that the effort I put into them seems to be so much more then the effort of the other person. This, in my perspective, is true for so many of my friendships. I don't know why it is but I seem to be the one who gets all the crap dumped on them all the time. I think its coz people know I'll be there to pick up right where they left off. I can't hold a grudge to save myself and forgive and forget in minutes.

Anyway at the time the only reason I could come up with, for this predicament I get myself into, was that its because I'm FAT, even though neither of them are what I would call thin. This isn't the first time that this has been my logic to these sort of problems.

I have a friend who drops me like a dead weight if her other friend (who happens to be oh so thin and hot) calls, despite the fact "thin friend" is a complete B**** and treats my friend like scum - and then i get stuck consoling my friend. So self worth and self esteem obviously takes a hit and I look at what I have to blame and the first thing that pops up is my weight. "Oh people would like me so much more if I was thin", "I'd be so much more fun if I was thin" etc., etc. This is not to say I don't have friends, I have many great friends who I adore but sometimes I just feel there is something missing.

I know this is stupid but it just goes to show how often the thoughts of being overweight are circulating in my mind. I can't blame them for every thing. And I know my friends love me and sometimes I'm too sensitive and can't expect everyone to live up to my expectations. Just because I'm over weight does not mean my whole world needs to revolve around my weight.

I will still have problems when im 30kgs lighter

 I mean sure I'll have 1 less problem but I'll still have other issues. 

Time to start altering the way I think.

So just a thought for tonight - You can't blame being overweight for all your problems. Sometimes they are just in your head.

Friday, 20 April 2012

I'm so excited!

So in the last day I have had 2 major new things in my life!

I feel a bit mean for getting you all hyped up. When I say major, I really mean I'm somewhat over excitable and enthusiastic.

  1. I have an Ipod! AN IPOD! I have never had an Ipod before - EVER! and no measly old 3gen either its a nano touch yippee one of the new off the market (to my knowledge, i'm not really up on technology really) worth ~$200 and I got it for $50 coz my flatmates boyfriend decided he wanted a bigger one. SERIOUSLY WTF? I'm so excited it has all these cool apps on it like pedometer and timers and I've downloaded C25K. I'm starting Monday - SO EXCITED!!!!!
  2. I have discovered mashed cauliflower. It's not as exciting as an Ipod but it now means that my winter casseroles have 180 less calories (I love my mashed potatoes) and tastes pretty damm good all the same. That takes my casserole meal down to just over 220 calories and I'm completely full and its chocca full of veges - Made a huge batch and froze it all last night mmmmmmmmm yum!
Off to play with Ipod and put on more song eeek!!!! 1st time I have really brought something purely for the "want" of it. But I deserve a treat by now I think.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Binge Monster

I went so far over my calorie budget yesterday that in theory I can only eat lettuce today. Makes me cry a little inside. Gahr rest of the week i'll be on the healthy train

Monday, 16 April 2012

Pear, Ginger and Feijoa Crumble

Just made an amazing dessert tonight - Pear, Ginger and feijoa crumble

  • 1/8 cup of rolled oats
  • 3 - 4 hazel nuts (crushed coarsely)
  • 1 Tablespoon Almonds (crushed coarsely)
  • Honey approx 1/2 a tablespoon
  • 1 Pear (small-medium)
  • 3 Feijoas
  • 2 Teaspoons of grated ginger (use 1 if your not a ginger crazy freak like me!)

I HATE buying feijoas. When I was living at home we had 2 tress and couldn't get rid of them fast enough. Now when I want them I usually have to pay upwards of $10 a kg. Today they were $6 a kg and I really, really, really was craving some good yummy feijoas. So here I give you anew take on the apple crumble fave (minus all the butter!)

  • Throw em in a pot with a little water. The water should only just cover the bottom of the pot.
  • Throw a lid on it and turn it on low to simmer
  • While its simmering peel you Feijoas, Most people will scoop but you must peel I say! That way you are left with more of the meat of the fruit and don't throw so much a way (at $6 a kg why would you want to....)
  • Chop feijoas into hearty bite sized pieces and throw em in the pot with the pears (feijoas are quite soft and won't need as long simmering) you don't want to cook them too long just long enough to get them to soften WE DO NOT WANT MUSH!
  • Grate in ginger or use powdered I guess but the real things always better and chuck in a little honey (about 1/4 tablespoon) for sweetening
  • While its doing its thang' on the stove move onto the crumble topping

  • Take your nuts and crush em if they aren't all ready - hearty pieces people
  • Throw all your nuts and oats together in a bowl and shake them up and let em mingle
  • Take the rest of your honey and rub it into your crumble mixture - The honey is the replacement for butter in this recipe. Rub it in to get conglomerates of mixture. Mixture should be sticking together yet still quite dry you just need enough honey to get the bits to stick together!
  • Now get a small single serve oven proof dish and fill with stewed fruit mixture, making sure theres not too much juice in there you want mainly fruit leaving room on top for crumble - and finally add crumble
  • Add a dollop of yoghurt and Ta-dah!
Enjoy - it was bloody lovely!

Week 3 check in/ Week 4 goals

How can I have a check in when I barely even attempted this week?
It has again been a bad week as I am still in holiday mode and have had another lousy cold. I'm over these colds all the ginger, honey, lemon, garlic and fresh fruit won't seem to make this one budge so if anyone would like to share their special cure please do, I will try (almost) anything!

I ate pretty bad for the first half of the week and haven't counted calories all week. The one surprising thing I found is that even though it was Easter I ate minimal chocolate this week just having a medium sized bunny over 3 days so that was 4 days without chocolate! I don't even remember craving chocolate after Wednesday night!

My exercise has been terrible. The only thing I could class as exercise this week is my 1 swim (but it was an amazing swim). I have wanted to exercise but I've been making excuses as well. Its like my head and body can't agree. Having a cold hasn't helped much but it shouldn't stop me really. I'm also on holidays so haven't been walking to uni although this week I need to go in to start a biology experiment and write up a few reviews and reports so that will give me an excuse to get off my butt.

I know this post is a pathetic let down but I think its important that I stay honest and accountable. In the past I prob just would have disappeared from blogging for a cople of weeks - I think this is progress in itself.

Goals for week 4!

exercise goal
- Minimum Goal = 40mins 3x a week walk to uni (or from) + at least one 40min session of higher intensity
- Ultimate Goal = 40mins 6x a week walk to or from uni + 2 higher intensity 40 min session

nutrition goal
- Minimum goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 calories a day
- Ultimate goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 cals a day and only 1 serve of chocolate a week!!!
My limit this week for the entire week is - 10,150 calories

This week I will do better.....

Thursday, 12 April 2012


So I have once again been MIA but at least this time it was only a week. and oh what a week.
As I mentioned in my last post I was celebrating my 21st over Easter. It was ideal. Bonfire, good friends, food and music, couldn't ask for more!
Ate so much cheesecake and homemade pizza at my party and for leftovers I am officially over it! But it was amazing at the time.

I even got my first swim for the year despite it well and truly being Autumn here. Our summer was crap but Easter weekend was so hot it made up for it.

The only thing I wasn't ecstatic about were the photos. It seriously made me realise how much work ahead of me I have. And how I have let myself down over and over again by not following through. I keep telling myself that this time I'll do better but really I'm not seeing any drastic changes or results.

So one of my prezzies was some new trainers thank god coz my old pair had been trashed from mountain walking. so time to get back to it, holidays over!