Monday, 30 January 2012

21 Days to healthier habits

I saw this challenge the other night

and thought what a great idea .......... but what do I want to change? Lets be honest - there is a lot I need to change but I know if I do it all at once it will all come crashing down on me.

So I have chosen 3 simple small changes that I can make to my life

1. No Candy for 21 days - Not any, not at all. I had been doing real well on this one for a while and then last week I just went and ruined my whole progress

2. 30 minutes of exercise a day - This can be from walking home from uni to stretches and circuits anything as long as its 30 mins EVERY day. This should be do-able till friday at least as I have feildtrips which are bush & tramping based monday to friday for the next 2 weeks. Just got to get my butt moving on the weekends - wouldn't hurt to do a little extra after my days in the field but will see how that goes.

3. No buying take-aways - again another thing I thought I had sorted but happened to slip up on this week.

So started this today and day 1 has been a success so far. Now for day 2 ............

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Study vs Skinny

So I still haven't started this essay yet. Last weekend I put it off to clean the house and chop down our overgrown trellis (is that how you spell it?). So now I have 5 measley days to get it started, finished, polished and handed in all the while starting a new full time course. I'm sitting here knowing I need to carry on, I have after all jotted 46 words down already, referenced and everything. Yet I feel drawn towards the pantry every time I look at my blank page!

On another study vs skinny note - The paper I start on Monday is a flora and fauna paper which includes a heeeeaaap of mountain tramping gahr I'm sooo scared I'm going to be the slow one that's dying after 10minutes of walking. I know it will be good for me but I am so tempted to drop the paper to save face from being "the girl who couldn't keep up"

Dear fitness gods - lend me the strength to power through the next two weeks. Pretty please!!!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Its just emotions taking me over......

Great now I have that song in my head!

But in all reality this week I've been feeling all these emotions just brimming under the surface. The deal is that I seem to be at a real standstill and although my eating habits and exercise have gotten much better I'm not noticing results.

Now I know I've lost 10 or so kgs over the last 5 months but most of that was in the first month or two. I looked at some of my old food diary entries and just about all of them I cringed at. I can't believe how many candy bars I could consume in a day it was just crazy ridiculous, so bad that I was literally horrified. Even worse is that at the time I considered that my eating habits had improved. I never want to see what it was I was eating before I started this.

So other then the candy and chocolate, I also use to pack away hot chips or Chinese or some form of home-made calorie high burgers, several times a week. I've had take-out once in the last month (It was drunk takeout - my actions were not my own at 3am in the morning). My meals have taken a low cal, low protein spin, mainly coz I can't afford meat but are packed with veges. My snacking has moved from high sugar cereal bars to apples. And instead of eating nearly 1700 calories a day I am now hitting less then 1450 on average.

I'm not starving myself and I have a pretty well balanced daily meal plan, I could do with a bit more protein perhaps but I don't believe in eating meat everyday, its not a sustainable habit, so back to the gassy beans it is. I have started to try to get into running, I'm doing 4-8 kms of walking/jogging each day although I am sedentary at uni most of the day.

These changes seem to me like all the right moves in all the right places yet somehow I just feel as flabby, gross and bloated as always. Its making me angry, confused and upset all at once. I'm sick of seeing all my excess when I look in the mirror so why isn't all my hard work paying off!

I'm really hoping I'm just experiencing the xmas kickback coz this is getting super super annoying. Scale free month has me panicking that I won't see any progress but here's hoping its all in my head and my body is about to catch up to my effort.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Day Off!!!

Off uni that is. Today is a public holiday - Wellington Anniversary day so I get to spend it anyway I want. Currently I am lying in bed, I've already turned down an extra shift at work which I am now regretting, more moolah would have been well appreciated. So I need a plan for today!

I'm thinking I'm going to start on some of these goals today. So the plan as follows.....

1. Get into the garden - Our lettuces are being completely swamped by the weeds
2. 8kgs down by the 5-4-2012 - I have a run planned for this evening. A big run or twice what I'm used to anyway.
3. At some point I'm going to start my essay on renewable energies and climate change (This is the one I will be trying to put off all day.....).

"Will this move me closer to my goal?" - It sure will!!!!

Monday, 16 January 2012

No Breakfast, No Brains

I've never been a big breakfast eater but since I'm trying this new thing I call a "healthy lifestyle change" *CRINGE* I've been pretty good with my early morning eating habits. This morning however after a very hurried wake-up I forgot my bowl of special K!

This stuff is seriously so good. They remind me of cornflakes but actually taste amazingly good.

(Product placement; I'll take a cheque thanks Kellogs :) Just kidding!)

Anyway off I headed to my ridiculously crazy intense and long day of lectures and tutorials, 20 minutes in I could already feel my mind wandering and my eyes drooping. Didn't help that all I took for lunch was an apple. The worst part was I really wanted to ask our guest lecturer a question on the topic but was too embarrassed in case he had already talked about it and I was just to out of it to pay attention. So the day ended with me sluggish and hungry, ditching the evening tutorial. Not my proudest moment.

To make up for my crappy day I WALKED home and made a yummy (although not the model of health)dinner of wholegrain toast with cheese and onion (PAYDAY TOMORROW THANK GOD!) and then went for a run! A RUN! A run I tell you......

So technically I did not run the whole way. I did my regular walking loop. I did my track twice over instead of the once and at the pace I was going it only took me 6 minutes longer then when I did it just once around walking. Super stoked! It was definitely a mind over matter thing and every time I stopped I just said to myself "TUI, You are not that tired! You can carry on so do it!" or some variant of that.

Anyway super proud of her-self me is going to shower and bed so I can be up early enough to make me some breakfast in the morning. Not going to uni feeling stupid all day again just coz I skipped breakfast.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

No weight

I mentioned in a previous post that I had a sneaking suspicion that my scales where broken as I had lost quite a few kgs quite quickly, turns out now they definatly are. I got home from my trip to find they just completly don't even turn on now.

I'm hoping its the battery although replacing the battery will probably cost the same as replacing the scales no doubt. so until I decide to spend my hard earned money on a new battery I will no longer be updating my weight on here regularly.

Say hello to scale free month people!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

12 for 2012...

Happy belated New Years resolution post.

This year I have shaken up the original New Years Resolutions traditions. Instead I'm doing proceeding to undertake not 1 not 2 but 12 resolutions for 20-12. I have set myself 12 somewhat attainable goals and devised how to go about acheiving them. Some of them delve into similar categories but F*** it this is my post and I can do what I want with it :D So here goes 12 for twenty twelve....

1. Fit into a NZ size 12 by 12-12-12 (It is Two thousand and TWELVE after all!)

2. Set an achievable dietary plan for the next 12 months

3. Lose 8kgs by my 21st on April the 5th (3 Months, its gunna be a challenge but don't you dear say I can't do it!)

4. Save $500 of own hard earned money (not studylink granted $$) for said 21st

5. Achieve a B+ Average in all my 300 level papers this year to attain entry to Masters study for future options.

6. Become more involved in the Awhina programme I am part of (Maori and Pacific students helping each other to excel and achieve at university, we also do schools outreach teaching young students all that is amazing and opportune in the science world)

7. Undertake a voluntary position no matter how great or small.

8. Be more focused on tasks presented to me and more motivated and determined to complete them (I am notorious for never finishing anything)

9. Free myself from emotional baggage

10. Plan a amazing New Years celebration for 12/13 as the last 3 have been less then exciting and I deserve a good one this year round.

11. Get onto this garden idea

12. Tick off every single thing on this list. I know it seems like a cop out but seriously I just need to prove I can stick to something and finish it and what better way then to tick off every item on a major to do list!

My mantra??? for this year will be..."Will this move me a closer to or further from my goal? Is it worth it?"

There we are folks, 12 for 2012. I'll probably stray a lot, any kick up the bum to get me refocused will be met with gratitude, unless of course aunt flow is visiting and all I wanna do is spend $100 on cookies and ice cream and sit in bed all day :P

Also as promised .... My mothers very groovey kiwi christmas tree,

Those other things dangling off mums plum tree are NZ paua shells. Just a bummer the sun never really came out.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I guess I should write something.........

So I'm still on holiday, not by choice though. My bus never arrived to pick me up on the 30th so I ended up being here an extra week and am now in a nasty fight with the bus company. Needless to say this has been a less then stress free holiday.

To be honest right up until New Years day my holiday had been hard filled with way to much effort and tension. But as soon as that 2012 clicked in my stay has seemed to change direction completely. Last 4 days have been full of relaxation and socializing as it should be.

Gahr Ive been trying to add photo's of our awesome christmas tree but my laptop is refusing to read any USB's or Memory card's!

Anyway, needless to say, like half the Western world out there, I have not been watching what I eat over the last 2 weeks. The first time I tried to exercise, my cousin popped her ankle apparently "thats what [she] gets for trying to be healthy". Still good walk for me :)

Can't wait to get back home and back on track.

Hope you all had a great xmas and New Years.

More from me soon ...