Sunday, 26 February 2012

Craving Conqueror

This will be my new go to for chocolate craving crushers.

Can't believe I never thought of it before.... Only wish I had read this before my candy tonight - I know I've already failed and its been less then a day. But I did go for a run afterwards!

Coincidences and Chocolate cake

Today is day three of my new pill regime. Day 1 gave me hot flushes/flashes (what are they called?), Day 2 gave me the worst case of gas ever. I have just taken Day 3's pill - looking forward to todays side effects.
In all honesty its probably just a coincidence, well I certainly hope so anyway.

Yesterday at work someone brought a cake to farewell a staff member who was moving on to bigger and brighter things. At morning tea, even though I knew no cake was the best option I couldn't help but cut myself a small piece.

It wasn't till afternoon tea when I cut myself another small piece that it really hit me that my choices and will power need some intense work. You see Chocolate and I have a hate love relationship. I don't eat chocolate everyday - but I would if I could (afford it) no doubt. But I do have it up to 3 times a week. And on the days I don't, I crave it constantly. So some changes are needed with my relationship with chocolate. I am ending the cycle. Does this mean I go cold turkey?? Or shall I go slow??

To be honest I'm really not sure but I'm going to try and work it out. If anyone has ways to deal with chocolate cravings I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

here come the pills

So blood tests are in and what do ya know they are putting me on these pills... I know its ridiculous but it kinda freaks me out that this is something I need to take for the rest of my life. Apart from an unlikely overdose which can cause heart palpitations and tremors there is no real down side (I don't know whether I mean't that sarcastically or not to be honest....)

On the brightside I can expect to be more energetic and focused and have my metabolism speed up. This could mean weightloss for me. Although I'm sure it won't magically fix my weight problems on its own it may aid my attempts somewhat.

So tomorrow I start the new regime.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Feb Frenzy

So February posts have been somewhat lacking.

Once again its due to my hectic schedule, study exams, work you name it. I know its no excuse but by the time I got home I just couldn't find any puff in me left to even write about my boring life and crappy choices.

But this week I am more or less free and I plan to make up for my previous posting failures.

Today I saw the Dr. concerning my thyroid tests - Had my blood tests done and should know the results by Monday. Basically they are testing my thyroid activity. this will be my third or fourth test over 2 years. Previously my tests have shown my thyroid to be on the border of underactivity but they need to test me several times over the years to be certain. Basically if it turns out I need to go on pills then I will need to be on them the rest of my life, which is kind of scary. So of course we want to be certain before I make any life changing decisions.

If it turns out I do need these pills (thyroid metabolism maker thingy mabobs)then it will explain why I find it so difficult to lose weight despite being a pretty healthy eater and not too shabby on exercise (although this definatly could use some improvement). So then being on the pills could ease the stress and obsession of trying repetitively to lose weight.

So hopefully the tests will be in monday morning as I have an appointment with the dietician on Monday afternoon.

In other news with the free time I found I had today I ended up in the library and came home with a few books -

among them was the lazy girls guide to losing weight and getting fit by A.J Rochester

So far it has been interesting although I feel a lot doesn't apply to me (maybe i'm just in denial?). I already am aware of a lot of the topics discussed i.e food diaries, input vs output, reading labels etc. But am enjoying the personal touches in it and its definatley worth the read. Favourite quote so far....

"Either your with me or you're not - and if your not the I guess I won't be seeing you on the beach next summer, unless Greenpeace are pushing you back out to sea. And don't bother filling out the organ donor card 'cause no one's going to want you're heart after you've finished with it"

Its good to have these things reinforced and its somewhat brutal honesty is a hilarious (in my opinion) motivator. After reading the first few chapters if already identified that I'm not snacking enough.

I'm looking forward to reading more and can tell I'll be up half the night with my head in the book.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


I haven't been keeping up have I. hmmm. I have plenty of excuses - full time study, money problems, physical exhaustion from feildtrips and study and last but not least a little shame thrown in there.

So 21 days of healthy habits was going fantastic...... until day 6.

Uni feildtrips had me out tramping, meandering or full on bush wacking through NZ forest all week. Then the weekend arrived. All I want was a peice of candy and some chinese takeaways. I think it was knowing I couldn't have them, that made me crave them all the more. So alas I caved. The next day I felt like sh*t just as I knew I would.

I had an essay due that weekend so spent the rest of it sitting in bed getting it done or at work earning moolah. So alas the exercise was a fail also.

Yesterday I have to say I worked my but off. My calves ate themselves from the inside out and then imploded on themselves as I scaled some random mountain in wellington and headed to the valley on the otherside which then meant we had to climb back up again to get back to the bus. It hurt but it was worth it. The forest was lush and beautiful and the veiw of the harbour and city were gorgeous.

So needless to say 21 days of healthy habits did not work for me. I dislike being denied and theres not exactly anyone standing here with a big stick stopping me but myself and lets just say my rigorous self control is oh so absent.

New plan is - No denials, just control of how much and how often. My exercise is still pretty good but I would like to up it a little more. I have noticed after all this tramping my thighs seem to be shrinking according to the looseness of my recently purchased shorts - time to get this belly following suit.