Thursday, 26 April 2012

C25k week 1, day 2

So did my second day of C25K today - They recommend a day of rest in between so I just did a walk yesterday. And when I say a walk I actually mean a 12km walk. It was from the Hill suburb I live in to town, then around the bays to one of the coastal Suburbs. As much as I would like to say I walked back, I didn't by that stage my brand new cross-trainers had given me three blisters :(

Anyway I donned the plasters and thick socks and went out to try day 2 today. Although I didn't complete all the running sessions, I did so much better then last time. I completed an extra whole 60 second session then I did last time and ran for a lot longer in the last couple then I could manage last time which wasn't hard considering as I walked the last two on day 1. So, very pleased at my progress today :)

I also found this awesome site - DAMY Health, it has some amazing recipes with things you can do with cauliflower. Like make a pizza crust for about 110 calories (depending on your serving size), fried (Cauli) rice, and cauli pizza bites. Looking forward to trying them out.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I started today. Woke up at 6.30 - took me 20 mins to convince myself to get out of bed, and then I was off.

Hmmm that kinda makes it sound like I was speeding along. and that I was not. More like an awkward ambling motion I think.

I have to say I greatly overestimated my fitness. When I downloaded it I listened to week 1 for a bit did some jogging on the spot and was like pffft this is a piece of cake I can totally do this, I should skip week 1 and start on week 2.

Lets just say I am ever so grateful I did not skip week 1. First try was a B****. I started well. 60 second run 90minute walk and so on. But into my 3rd jog I was feeling the burn. They definitely need a "pre -week one" podcast where you run for 30 seconds, lie down for 90, walk for 90 etc.

I ended up just doing the best I could. Even if it meant going super slow or even switching to walking half way through. All in all I think I gave it a pretty decent attempt and hope the second session for week 1 goes better :)

My pedometer and calorie calculator thingy says I burnt about 250 calories and I walk/jogged/loped almost 4kms in 35 minutes so pretty happy with my efforts this morning. Then came home and had warm stewed pear and feijoas with low fat apricot yoghurt and almonds for breakfast!

So I have a question. Who uses a pedometer out there and how accurate do you think they are? I didn't track my entire day but am up to nearly 9,000 steps (this is excluding about 5 hours worth of my day) and its telling me that that many steps means I've burnt 800 odd calories. I'm not adding this as I don't classify walking from classes (no matter how many flights of stairs up they are) as exercise but I was just wondering if this is an accurate measure or if my Ipod is a little off. I certainly don't feel like I burnt 800+ calories today although my legs are already a little sore from this mornings run.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Week 4 check in week 5 goals!

Very quick post this morning - Two hour uni lecture at 9am (in an hour and a half) so here we go

Week for check in
exercise goal

- Minimum Goal = 40mins 3x a week walk to uni (or from) + at least one 40min session of higher intensity - No only 1 higher intensity session this week
- Ultimate Goal = 40mins 6x a week walk to or from uni + 2 higher intensity 40 min session - No

nutrition goal
- Minimum goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 calories a day - Almost, was an average of 40 cals a day off.
- Ultimate goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 cals a day and only 1 serve of chocolate a week!!! - No, still struggling with the hold chocolate has on me. 4 days with chocolate this week :(
My limit this week for the entire week is - 10,150 calories over by 280 Cals

Week 5 Goals
  • Nutrition - I nearly hit my calorie target in week 4 so this week I will hit it 
  • Nutrition - Make sure calories are quality calories - i.e veges, not cake. 
  • Nutrition - Budget calories wisely as I have a 21st up home to attend this weekend!
  • Exercise - Exercise 800+ calories off
  • Exercise - Begin C25K
  • NSV - Find an awesome present for my cousins 21st
  • NSV - Get 30% of 4000 word essay completed so that's 1200 words.
  • NSV - Manage my time efficiently so I can obtain all these goals before friday (Away for 21st!)

So I have had a wee switch up this week. A little change never hurt anyone (Although I do wish it was the kind you find at the bottom of your bag). I have several goals this week, not all weight orientated. I figure if I set myself several I'm more likely to be able to tick some off this time round!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Perceptions/Self deception

*WARNING* This is a pretty damm emo post! Also I have now installed? (I'm so tech challenged I don't even know if that's the right word) a Mini challenge page (Cheers Nanette for the inspiration) and a recipes page at the top of my blog!

Tonight I had a run in with the flatmates. I asked a question and got snobbed. Later I asked another question and got snobbed. Later when it happened for a third time I got really angry (Not in a tantrum way, more in a snotty screw you kinda way). My flatmates boyfriend (who had just arrived) understood, yet they could not get why I was so upset that I was ignored and joked about how I was in a bad mood.

Then I got into my own head and started analysing all my relationships and I realised that the effort I put into them seems to be so much more then the effort of the other person. This, in my perspective, is true for so many of my friendships. I don't know why it is but I seem to be the one who gets all the crap dumped on them all the time. I think its coz people know I'll be there to pick up right where they left off. I can't hold a grudge to save myself and forgive and forget in minutes.

Anyway at the time the only reason I could come up with, for this predicament I get myself into, was that its because I'm FAT, even though neither of them are what I would call thin. This isn't the first time that this has been my logic to these sort of problems.

I have a friend who drops me like a dead weight if her other friend (who happens to be oh so thin and hot) calls, despite the fact "thin friend" is a complete B**** and treats my friend like scum - and then i get stuck consoling my friend. So self worth and self esteem obviously takes a hit and I look at what I have to blame and the first thing that pops up is my weight. "Oh people would like me so much more if I was thin", "I'd be so much more fun if I was thin" etc., etc. This is not to say I don't have friends, I have many great friends who I adore but sometimes I just feel there is something missing.

I know this is stupid but it just goes to show how often the thoughts of being overweight are circulating in my mind. I can't blame them for every thing. And I know my friends love me and sometimes I'm too sensitive and can't expect everyone to live up to my expectations. Just because I'm over weight does not mean my whole world needs to revolve around my weight.

I will still have problems when im 30kgs lighter

 I mean sure I'll have 1 less problem but I'll still have other issues. 

Time to start altering the way I think.

So just a thought for tonight - You can't blame being overweight for all your problems. Sometimes they are just in your head.

Friday, 20 April 2012

I'm so excited!

So in the last day I have had 2 major new things in my life!

I feel a bit mean for getting you all hyped up. When I say major, I really mean I'm somewhat over excitable and enthusiastic.

  1. I have an Ipod! AN IPOD! I have never had an Ipod before - EVER! and no measly old 3gen either its a nano touch yippee one of the new off the market (to my knowledge, i'm not really up on technology really) worth ~$200 and I got it for $50 coz my flatmates boyfriend decided he wanted a bigger one. SERIOUSLY WTF? I'm so excited it has all these cool apps on it like pedometer and timers and I've downloaded C25K. I'm starting Monday - SO EXCITED!!!!!
  2. I have discovered mashed cauliflower. It's not as exciting as an Ipod but it now means that my winter casseroles have 180 less calories (I love my mashed potatoes) and tastes pretty damm good all the same. That takes my casserole meal down to just over 220 calories and I'm completely full and its chocca full of veges - Made a huge batch and froze it all last night mmmmmmmmm yum!
Off to play with Ipod and put on more song eeek!!!! 1st time I have really brought something purely for the "want" of it. But I deserve a treat by now I think.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Binge Monster

I went so far over my calorie budget yesterday that in theory I can only eat lettuce today. Makes me cry a little inside. Gahr rest of the week i'll be on the healthy train

Monday, 16 April 2012

Pear, Ginger and Feijoa Crumble

Just made an amazing dessert tonight - Pear, Ginger and feijoa crumble

  • 1/8 cup of rolled oats
  • 3 - 4 hazel nuts (crushed coarsely)
  • 1 Tablespoon Almonds (crushed coarsely)
  • Honey approx 1/2 a tablespoon
  • 1 Pear (small-medium)
  • 3 Feijoas
  • 2 Teaspoons of grated ginger (use 1 if your not a ginger crazy freak like me!)

I HATE buying feijoas. When I was living at home we had 2 tress and couldn't get rid of them fast enough. Now when I want them I usually have to pay upwards of $10 a kg. Today they were $6 a kg and I really, really, really was craving some good yummy feijoas. So here I give you anew take on the apple crumble fave (minus all the butter!)

  • Throw em in a pot with a little water. The water should only just cover the bottom of the pot.
  • Throw a lid on it and turn it on low to simmer
  • While its simmering peel you Feijoas, Most people will scoop but you must peel I say! That way you are left with more of the meat of the fruit and don't throw so much a way (at $6 a kg why would you want to....)
  • Chop feijoas into hearty bite sized pieces and throw em in the pot with the pears (feijoas are quite soft and won't need as long simmering) you don't want to cook them too long just long enough to get them to soften WE DO NOT WANT MUSH!
  • Grate in ginger or use powdered I guess but the real things always better and chuck in a little honey (about 1/4 tablespoon) for sweetening
  • While its doing its thang' on the stove move onto the crumble topping

  • Take your nuts and crush em if they aren't all ready - hearty pieces people
  • Throw all your nuts and oats together in a bowl and shake them up and let em mingle
  • Take the rest of your honey and rub it into your crumble mixture - The honey is the replacement for butter in this recipe. Rub it in to get conglomerates of mixture. Mixture should be sticking together yet still quite dry you just need enough honey to get the bits to stick together!
  • Now get a small single serve oven proof dish and fill with stewed fruit mixture, making sure theres not too much juice in there you want mainly fruit leaving room on top for crumble - and finally add crumble
  • Add a dollop of yoghurt and Ta-dah!
Enjoy - it was bloody lovely!

Week 3 check in/ Week 4 goals

How can I have a check in when I barely even attempted this week?
It has again been a bad week as I am still in holiday mode and have had another lousy cold. I'm over these colds all the ginger, honey, lemon, garlic and fresh fruit won't seem to make this one budge so if anyone would like to share their special cure please do, I will try (almost) anything!

I ate pretty bad for the first half of the week and haven't counted calories all week. The one surprising thing I found is that even though it was Easter I ate minimal chocolate this week just having a medium sized bunny over 3 days so that was 4 days without chocolate! I don't even remember craving chocolate after Wednesday night!

My exercise has been terrible. The only thing I could class as exercise this week is my 1 swim (but it was an amazing swim). I have wanted to exercise but I've been making excuses as well. Its like my head and body can't agree. Having a cold hasn't helped much but it shouldn't stop me really. I'm also on holidays so haven't been walking to uni although this week I need to go in to start a biology experiment and write up a few reviews and reports so that will give me an excuse to get off my butt.

I know this post is a pathetic let down but I think its important that I stay honest and accountable. In the past I prob just would have disappeared from blogging for a cople of weeks - I think this is progress in itself.

Goals for week 4!

exercise goal
- Minimum Goal = 40mins 3x a week walk to uni (or from) + at least one 40min session of higher intensity
- Ultimate Goal = 40mins 6x a week walk to or from uni + 2 higher intensity 40 min session

nutrition goal
- Minimum goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 calories a day
- Ultimate goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 cals a day and only 1 serve of chocolate a week!!!
My limit this week for the entire week is - 10,150 calories

This week I will do better.....

Thursday, 12 April 2012


So I have once again been MIA but at least this time it was only a week. and oh what a week.
As I mentioned in my last post I was celebrating my 21st over Easter. It was ideal. Bonfire, good friends, food and music, couldn't ask for more!
Ate so much cheesecake and homemade pizza at my party and for leftovers I am officially over it! But it was amazing at the time.

I even got my first swim for the year despite it well and truly being Autumn here. Our summer was crap but Easter weekend was so hot it made up for it.

The only thing I wasn't ecstatic about were the photos. It seriously made me realise how much work ahead of me I have. And how I have let myself down over and over again by not following through. I keep telling myself that this time I'll do better but really I'm not seeing any drastic changes or results.

So one of my prezzies was some new trainers thank god coz my old pair had been trashed from mountain walking. so time to get back to it, holidays over!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Week One Check In/ Week Two Goals


Well not all fail but a hell of a lot of fail happened

3. exercise goal
- Minimum Goal = 40mins 3x a week walk to uni (or from) + at least one 40min session of higher intensity

Minimum goal was a success! I did my 3 walks between here and uni plus one from uni to the other side of town ~25mins. Plus I did 50 mins of video work outs although not all at once I did mostly kick boxing with only 10-15 mins of yoga. I found the yoga a bit hard as I don't have the upper body strength for it. But my mini challenge this week is to do a whole yoga session!

- Ultimate Goal = 40mins 6x a week walk to or from uni + 2 higher intensity 40 min session.

Didn't hit this target as I had to work one of the days after uni so didn't fancy carting my gear about and the other days were raining. :(

4. nutrition goal
- Minimum goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 calories a day.

2 L of water - I didn't exactly measure this but I'd say its about right. I drank enough honey lemon tea anyway and I'm counting that as a water as it was only 30cals a mug and mostly water anyway. Plus at least 2 750 ml bottles a day at uni and morning water with pill plus several glasses at night. Yes I am happy with water consumption :)

Calories however were a big FAT fail. I did really well till wednesday night. Then I went on a rampage for the rest of the week. Marshmellow easter eggs. ice cream and choc sauce, licorice, chocolate. and when i say easter eggs, I do not mean 1 easter egg, I mean an entire packet. Luckily they were only 90ish calories each and I can bless my lucky stars that I didn't pick the worse ones. But 90 x 6 is still 540 cals. It was not pretty. And the morning after I would convince myself that "today I would do better". Yet a 6pm when I was sitting at home with major cravings all that morning self determination crumbled and I went and brought more.

New rule - If you have crappy cravings buy 1 and not a packet - no matter how determined I am to save them for another day - THIS STRATEGY DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU TUI!!!!

Over spent on my cals an average of 50 cals per day which isn't too bad. Mind you I didn't log my alcohol consumption for the weekend. Although it was only a small amount I know it still adds up. So i'm estimating I over spent an average of 120cals a day

which means I over ate by ~840 calories this week!

- Ultimate goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 cals a day and only 1 serve of chocolate a week!!!
My limit this week for the entire week is - 10,150 calories


Mini challenge - I kinda failed this too - Although I did do lemon honey ginger tea, which although I have had it before I've never made it. At least by making it I know exactly what was going into it!

This weeks goals are the same my dears. got to master these before I move on!

This week will be a challenge I'm not expecting a great result on Sunday - Infact you probably won't even here from me on Sunday - My post will be at least a day late maybe 2 (depending on where you are joining me from).

My lack of hope (and to some extent, commitment)stems not from my disappointment from last week but from the reality that this week is my 21st!
Although I would like to hit all of my goals many will be unattainable, i.e walk to uni as I am flying out wedensday lunch time to go home and I did not walk either way today. Had a planning session for my friends who are making the trip all 8 hours to celebrate with me and was dropped home.

So mini challenge I will try to do a full yoga work out as 10 mins does not really count! This will be my first yoga proper trial!