Tuesday, 22 May 2012

C25k Success


Today I completed a whole session of C25K week 1. I will do at least 2 more of these before the end of the week.

I can't believe how much easier it was today. I focused a lot more on completing the times then actual speed which is fine by me speed will come second to stamina and thats ok.

I'm just so happy I completed every single 60 second running session. I ran for 8 minutes. 8 WHOLE MINUTES! I know that doesn't seem like a lot. But to me it is and I am super proud. The first 4 runs I didn't even get puffed. I actually felt disappointed that I had to start my brisk walk - I was feeling that good! By the 5th I was starting to feel it but pushing through till the last one was a heap easier then I had thought it would be.

Seeing this improvement has definitely motivated me to make sure I carry on. Hopefully I can complete the last two of week 1 and move onto week 2 next week.

Monday, 21 May 2012

I'm still here

I'm still here and still chugging along. Unfortunately my life has been a bit manic over the last two weeks and whenever I've had the time to write up a post I have put it off in favour of sleeping, socialising or exercising.  However this morning I accidentally (Subconsciously I'd say its on purpose) missed the start of my lecture so have decided to finally get in a post.

Yes my week has been manic. But it has also been good. Not perfect, not great but good. After my meeting with the dietician I had a new weekly goal plan

Weekly I have to do

  • C25K x3, 
  • Walk to AND from uni x1, 
  • Zumba x 1, 
  • Live exercise x1
I did C25k once, this needs a lot of improvement. I have realised that if I don't do this early in the morning or within an hour of waking I won't do it at all. In the afternoons I find a million reasons to not do it. But once is a start I'm still on week 1 which to be honest is ok with me. Fitness is something that I will need to build up to I'm expecting it to take a while. I did however do a heap better this time then any time before so I'll take that as improvement thank you.

I walked to and from uni twice plus another night walk for my biology experiment. I'd call that a success. 
Zumba once on a Saturday (early) morning. I was surprised and a little proud that I actually managed to follow through on that one as Saturday is usually designated sleep in day.

Live exercise did not happen. Again its one of those things I pt off. Think I need to get it over and done with early in the week.

so 5 blocks of exercise this week. Not bad could be better.

Nutrition has been mixed. Every day this week I took a salad for lunch - Salad in a jar 

Its been so delicious and easy can't imagine why I have never thought about it before.

Mine have been made up of From bottom to top

  • Red Onion
  • Celery
  • Lite ranch vinergerette (It marinates the celery and onion super tasty)
  • Red Capsicum
  • Olives
  • Sundried tomato
  • Chicken breast with Italian and Moroccan herbs and spices
  • Couscous
  • Lettuce
I either make it the night before or early morning and then when I go to eat it pour it into another bowl. I tried shaking it up but found that only the dressing got moved around. I ate it layer by layer a few times but having it in another bowl is probably best. 

In saying that I have also had several biscuits and a slice of pizza and a programme launch I assisted with this week. However I limited my self to one slice and during a friends birthday dinner I stuck to water and one cocktail and declined ordering off the expensive but delicious looking menu because I had a healthy filling dinner before. Luckily I wasn't the only one who wasn't eating I was a bit worried I was going to look rude. But its my body and my bank account and the main reason for the night was to be there for my friend.

Anyway looking forward to this week. I imagine its going to be just as manic as the last two. I have assignments due, exam study sessions to organise for the first and second years, volunteers to find for our science in schools programme, a house inspection, lectures, labs/tutorials and work. Lets not forget getting in my workouts. 

Better get to uni so I don't miss another lecture in one day.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Meeting with the dietician

Yesterday I met with my dietician for the second time. The first was in August when I started this. I have to admit I felt so guilty and judged walking in there. She even made me show her what I had brought for lunch, to my horror it was left over spag bol - although it was crammed with plenty of veges. We both new I hadn't lost the weight I wanted to. I've probably even put it on again. To be honest I'm not sure - still no scale.

Anyway she asked me how life, diet, study exercise is going and we came up with a few goals for me they are as follows

  • Cut out honey from my stewed fruit - This annoys me I maybe use 1 or 2 tsp of this a week a feel like its a healthy alternative to make my stewed fruit feel like a treat. I don't add it to all my stewed fruit just when its a bit tart or I'm craving something sweeter. Anyway shouldn't be too hard to do
  • My morning snack must be fruit - Again this annoyed me. I enjoy fruit and eat it regularly I have 2 servings almost every breakfast. I feel a boiled egg or a weightwatchers snack bar are not bad choices for me - But again her orders.
  • Weekly I have to do C25K x3, Walk to AND from uni x1, Zumba x 1, Live exercise x1. This seems achievable. I imagine the hardest will be C25K as we start to go into winter.
  • Takeaway replacements - I have takeaways maybe 3x a month. This last month has been worse due to all the travelling but in general its not too bad really. Now I need to make sure I have quick easy meal options available at all times. I feel like this is reasonable. What I don't think is reasonable is the ideal that I should never be allowed takeaways ever. I'm an "in moderation" type of girl
  • Last but not least - Cut down my portions.

Basically I feel like a food nazi stomped all over me. I have a healthy diet in general. Yes this last month has been bad on the takeaway front but that was due to travel - Its not an everyday thing. I feel a tsp of honey once a week isn't something I should be slammed on. Surely a tsp of honey in stewed fruit is better then the chocolate bar I truly crave.

Yes my portions could be reduced and my exercise needs to be increased but other then that I think I'm doing not too bad in a general sort of way. My chocolate consumption has dropped and I've been avoiding baked and processed goods like the plague almost. I mean I'm not going to lie I had 2 choc biscuits at a meeting on Friday. But these things are once or twice in a month treats.

Anyway I have another meeting in 6 weeks time to check my progress. Hopefully I'll see some change as I will be following these tips no matter how ridiculous I find some of them unless in the case of the honey I find i really super do need it to keep the sugar monster at bay. I would rather consume 40 calories of honey with my fruit then 400 odd in a chocolate bar.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

I'm failing but not quitting

I'm not feeling good. My last two or three weeks have been let downs and I only have myself to blame. Yes I'm sick again (3rd time in 6 weeks this is not ok) but that still doesn't give me permission to be flexible with my food if anything I should be stricter. I know I'm not going to achieve my major goals and I feel like my effort, determination and will-power just keeps getting worse. I know even if I don't achieve what I set out to do, at least its a step in the right direction. I'm seeing my nutritionist/dietician tomorrow and hoping to start refreshed for the week.

Week 6 Review-

  • C25K week 1 again am not confident to move on yet. - Fail. I have many excuses for this - sick, rain, study, busy, lazy. But I can't live my life if its filled with excuses. Basically I didn't do it. Not 1 session. I know its sad and I'm disappointed in myself. I had plans to do it but somehow those excuses just seemed to take over
  • No takeaways - Fail. I brought takeaways once when I was in a hurry and the eggs I had just made for dinner were off. It was right before my Zumba class and I felt gross immediately after and couldn't perform as well in the routine.
  • 2 Live exercise workouts - Fail. I did 1 Zumba class which I will count towards my high intensity workout instead of live exercise.
  • Uni walk 2 times - Success. Not the uni walk but I did get 1 massive walk in through the bush catching moths in the dark (Uni biol project!) and half a walk home from uni (new shoes - I know more excuses)
  • Buy some more leggings have worn all mine out from jogs/walks etc the holes that are starting to appear in the thighs although a good reminder to work out to stop that rubbing is kinda sad/gross/embarrassing - Success. Leggings brought
  • Average of 1450 cals - success last week I CAN DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!! - 1452 cals on average. But there are a few things I know I missed when counting my calories this week. I know I can do better
  • Make one of the cauliflower recipes from DAMY health - Success made pizza cauli bites they are YUM! added a chili and a couple of cloves of garlic and it was great. They are in my freezer ready for lunches. For about 20-30 calories a piece. NOTE - I used big muffin trays instead of mini which made 10 pieces 
  1. Complete week 1 C25K - all three sessions
  2. Zumba once twice if I have time - I brought a 10 trip concession card so being broke is not an excuse neither is the weather
  3. I made and froze a bunch of meals on Saturday so absolutely no excuse to buy takeaways
  4. No spending excess $$ this means lunches, coffees, chocolates, nail polishes etc - You are saving up for a Girls night out in 2 weeks time
  5. If you need to spend money buy some damm batteries for your scale so you can stay more accountable.
  6. Meet with dietician and discover some new tips to change up my diet to be better for me
  7. Saturday - Will need to make more freezer meals

Thats enough for this week I think. A week with no excuses, if its raining, get outside if its light, get inside and do some work out videos if its heavy. 

Reminder: You are not happy this way, every time you look in the mirror, you cringe. You are the only person with the power to change this - and that does not mean that you will just stop looking in the mirror. No one can do this for you. Now stop being lazy and making excuses and put in some damm hard effort in coz in a weeks time you will sit here and regret every time you let the opportunity, to make an effort, slip by.

There we are hopefully that told me. This week I will try harder. Good luck for week 7 all!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Naughty me!

Naughty me, 2 reasons.
1. Its Tuesday and I am only just doing my week reveiw/plan
2. I'm doing it while I sit here with a glass of wine and some blue cheese and tomato on crackers...NOM NOM!

So these were my week 5 goals Week 5 Goals
  • Nutrition - I nearly hit my calorie target in week 4 so this week I will hit it . - Success daily average was 1416, under limit by average of 34 cals a day YAY ME!
  • Nutrition - Make sure calories are quality calories - i.e veges, not cake. - not at all had too much takeaways away on my trip dammit
  • Nutrition - Budget calories wisely as I have a 21st up home to attend this weekend! - SUCCESS!
  • Exercise - Exercise 800+ calories off - SUCCESS 1540 calories burnt
  • Exercise - Begin C25K - SUCCESS! Started but only managed 2/3 workouts 
  • NSV - Find an awesome present for my cousins 21st - SUCCESS! 
  • NSV - Get 30% of 4000 word essay completed so that's 1200 words. - Fail
  • NSV - Manage my time efficiently so I can obtain all these goals before friday (Away for 21st!) - Fail
So 5/8 not bad at all!

Goals for this week
  • C25K week 1 again am not confident to move on yet.
  • No takeaways
  • 2 Live exercise workouts
  • Uni walk 2 times
  • Buy some more leggings have worn all mine out from jogs/walks etc the holes that are starting to appear in the thighs although a good reminder to work out to stop that rubbing is kinda sad/gross/embarrassing
  • Average of 1450 cals - success last week I CAN DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!!
  • Make one of the cauliflower recipes from DAMY health

just a quick check in today!