Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Its only Tuesday and I have already completed my weekly challenge - wahooo.

Just got in from my first zumba toning class. Was awesome, massive sweet session. I think I like this even more then regular Zumba. I loved the Pump class I free trialled at my friends gym once and so this sort of gives me that same rush!

I however look less like these people and more like a fish that somehow got thrown out of its bowl! But I'm sure I'll get better :)

and another new thing for today....


Had these beauties in my super healthy breakfast this morning. Half a cup of cooked porridge (or as some know as oats), stewed apples, chia seeds, tsp of honey (eek), a 1/4 cup of milk all topped with a handful of sliced almonds - was delish! And minus the honey my dietician would be proud!

Segway-ing in from that..... Had my appointment with my dietician yesterday. My BRAND NEW dietician. Old dietician graduated and moved onto better things I'm guessing. But new dietician is lovely! He's supportive and seems to think I'm on the right track. Apparently I work out more then he does! Oh and he's cute to boot!

Things I noted I need to work on is reducing salt and breads/carbs in my diet.

I have another meeting on the 27th of August so hopefully I can lose some weight by then. Nothing more motivating then knowing in so many weeks you have to jump on the scale in front of a guy. So needing to carry on with this upswing in activity I have planned especially since I have apparently put on 3kgs since start of this year. Am thinking it may be a mixture of a few bad choices and the thyroid meds. I've been reading around and a heap of people who are taking thyroid medication had noted the same thing. 

So need to work harder I guess!

Monday, 18 June 2012

SSSD week 2 re-cap

I started out week 2 phenomenally.

45 min run
30 min floor exercises

So stoked with that run. Had fun with some exercise toys that my flatmate who is moving out (so is desperately trying to unload stuff) gave me (I also got clothes wahoo). I got a thigh resistance thing and a resistance band thing (I know great explanations). So basically just used them and did crunches and core work.

30 min Walk

Not so great today.

Weds and Thurs:
Worked from early till late missed zumba and run :(

Was suppose to go to Salsa but was running short on money.

3 hours of dancing. Went to town for 5 hours most of that was spent on the d-floor. And the way I dance is high energy so I just know I was burning some cals

Work again plus hangover = no exercise.

So I didn't hit six hours fell short by about an hour and 15 mins.
Was disappointed with this week but sometimes life happens and you need to say yes to those long extra shifts. Can't beat myself up can only do better this week. I have an exam 7 days from today and don't have work this entire time so still room for excuses but at least I can structure my own study sessions around work outs.

Oh and seeing dietician at 3pm today. will fill you in!

This weeks challenge
Try a new exercise or piece of equipment.
Planning to try a Zumba toning class tomorrow night and Salsa on Friday!!!

Best of luck to all for the coming week!

Exercise plan for this week
Mon: Run
Tue: Zumba Toning
Wed: Zumba
Thur: Run
Fri: Salsa and Run
Sat: Zumba
Sun: Rest/Study my butt of for Mondays exam!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

C25K week 2!!!!

For those of you who have been following along with my C25K progress you will be amazed to know after weeks of week 1 repetitions I finally moved onto week 2!

My repetitions of week 1 have been for various reasons.

  • Fitness
  • Leaving too much time between workouts etc
But I think my main reason has been that week 1 has been my security blanket. I was scared to try week 2 incase I failed and wanted to give in. So I just continued on with week 1 in a comfortable sort of way.
To be honest I was planning on doing week 1 again today but when I went to put it on it was mysteriously missing from my podcasts.

No idea how that happened but instead of giving in a toddling off home again I decided to give week 2 a shot. 

Week 2 started off a breeze I kept it light and steady. Half way through I was feeling it though. My lungs and breathing were fine it was my legs they were killing me. Burning up a storm thats for sure. So I pushed through another run and decided that\, being sick and all, I would head in. I know excuses right. Anyway on my walk home I found I was not able to jog part of it but I wanted to. 

Funny the things our head tricks us into doing/giving up on. So I jogged part of the way home. I didn't time it but it was a pretty decent couple of stretches. 

So starting the day feeling proud and confident! 
And now I KNOW when I'm over this darn cold (I'm sure I'm just a magnet for all those little sick bugs :( ) I will be able to smash this week and hopefully feel confident enough to move onto week 3.

Monday, 11 June 2012

SSSD first week check in

I like to keep my calories around 1400 or less. I try not to stress if I go a little over. On my calorie count I set my limit to 1351 - which is suppose to allow me to lose 2lbs a week.When I was following this rigorously it did not work (which may be because of my thyroid) so I have loosened up a bit a focus more on what I eat and exercise. Although this week for exercise was atrocious, I had 2 major hand-ins due for uni by the end of the week so all my spare time was spent on finishing and polishing up my work.

I really need to maintain good grades. I have been told if I can keep my grades up it is likely that my 1st year of postgrad will be funded. I've also been passed on a letter by a lecturer who has suggested post-grad for me and suggested if I choose to continue that she is open as a supervisor. - Yay! sorry we brag moment there. But as you can see this week was 100% study for me! 

so the remainder of my week looked like this

B: Tomato on toast and 1 cup of fresh pineapple
S: Mandarin
L: Chicken Soup and Bread roll
S: Ham roll thing
D: Spinach, canned tomatoes, onion, mushroom and steak
S: Candy

Calories: 1638
Exercise: Zumba - 337
TOTAL: 1301

B: Tomato on toast
S: Whitikers chunk bar (Choc)
L: Left over Spinach, canned tomatoes, onion, mushroom with pasta
D: Spinach, canned tomatoes, onion, mushroom and steak

Calories: 1403

Did not track friday. I was stuck at uni till 10pm on Friday handing in finals. I didn't take the time to track woops. From memory was going good till 6ish when I realised I was starving and all the cafes were closed and brought vending machine food :( chips and chocolate not good!

B: Mandarin x 3
S: Licorice logs
L: Chicken soup and 3 peices of bread
D: Roast pork, kumara (sweet potato), potato, carrot, onion, pumpkin with gravy and stewed apples

Calories: 1534

B: McDonalds Bendict Bagel and hashbrown /orange juice
L: Leftovers from roast in 2 sandwhiches
D: same as lunch

Calories: 1573

This weeks goal 6 hours of exercise

M: Walk from uni: 50 mins
T: Run 45 mins, Zumba Toning 1hr
W: Zumba 1hr
F: Run45 mins
S: Zumba 1hr, Run 45 mins

TOTAL: 6 hours 10 mins + if not raining walk to and/or from uni on Tues!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

SSSD Day 1 and 2 food log.

gahr not looking forward to doing this

B: Half a Cup of red grapes
S: Chunk of blue cheese
L: Steak, Broccoli and Carrot
D: Chicken Noodle soup and 2 slices of wholegrain bread
S: Choc coated Caramel Marshmallows
Drinks: Two Lemonades with lime

Calories: 1527

Today was hard. I woke up late as it was a public holiday and it had been a BIG weekend. Think big as in the sense - Party, Clubbing, Home at 4 a.m to find a Gas leak, Evacuation, Fire brigade - Finally in bed by 6 a.m and then off to work at 11.

We have a ton of mixers left from our party and I'm trying to not drink them I really am. My portions for these meals need to be cut down smaller steak and only one piece of bread.

B: Fresh Pineapple & muesli with custard and berries from a cafe
S: Crackers with blue cheese, sundried tomatoes, red onion and tomato
L: Steak with chicken Salad - Late Lunch
S: Perky Nana (Chocolate bar)
D: Ice cream sundae -ooops

Calories: 1677

I probably won't be having an actual dinner tonight the steak was large and has filled me up for sure. Big blowout for breakfast (430 calories!) - the custard muesli thing was from a cafe at uni it was delicious but I only brought it because I ran out of time for breakfast this morning and the pineapple just wasn't keeping my mind running.

Had a crap day and came home from uni about 3 and had the Salad which I'd taken with me for lunch but wanted some hot protein with it. Again portion sizes need to be checked. Am waiting to long to eat and getting super hungry, which means I don't think about my choices.

Crap day continued and I indulged in more crap :(

Goals for tomorrow

  • Eat a big but healthy breakfast.
  • Eat before I am starving
  • Its Winter here - Salads are less appealing try to take something to microwave for lunches
  • Watch portion sizes

Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer Sizzle Slim Down


Bust - 119 cm 
Waist - 112 cm
Hips - 123 cm
Thigh Left- 67 cm
Thigh Right - 65 cm
Upper Arm Left- 37 cm
Upper arm right - 38 cm
Neck - 39cm

unfortunately I am without scales that are reliable at the moment. But I think I have a Drs appointment this week so will get my weight then!

I'm not to worried about this though. I'm more excited to see a change in shape and measurements then a change of number on the scale. Both would be ideal but doing measurements is something new to me (So not sure how accurate mine are but if I'm consistently measuring the wrong place it should be fine :)  )

I'll post photos when I'm feeling more confidant I think.

My weekly exercise goals will look a little something like this:

C25K x3, 
Walk to AND from uni x1, 
Zumba x 1, 
Live exercise x1

However they are not set in stone as long as I get 6 hours of exercise in a week, preferably more but no less then 6. This is at the recommendation of my dietician. I have study break coming up and will have plenty of time to smash this goal and set myself up for some good exercise habits just need to stay focused and motivated!

I'm looking forward to this weeks Challenge - Log everything you eat. At the same time I'm a wee bit frightened - I'm terrible when it comes to drinks I never log them or hardly ever anyway even though I know how much sugar can be hiding in those suckers! I log on Loseit! if you want to check up on me feel free to add me my profile name is tui.arona

Good luck to all!

RFSC - Final check in

Ready for summer challenge was great. It definitely had its ups and downs and the last two weeks I could barely find the time to post here. Sorry for that :(

Despite my crazy busy life over the last two weeks my eating has been relatively under control. I would have liked to do more on the exercise front but unfortunately I just didn't have the time to fit it in every day - I still managed to get some for 3 days.

So these were my goals:

1. weight loss goal
- Minimum goal = Weight loss of 5kgs
- Ultimate goal = Weight loss of 10kgs

So for this I'm not certain. Our scales are still shot despite the new batteries. Stood on it one morning and it told me I was 80 something kgs next day I was 140kgs so I have very little faith in them. If it helps I feel lighter, I feel like the places of my curves have changed and my bones are that much closer.

2. non-scale goal
- Minimum Goal = Down one dress size
- Ultimate Goal = Down two dress sizes

I didn't quite hit this. My pants feel looser yet I don't feel I'm quite ready to go down a dress size a couple more weeks and I might be there.

3. exercise goal
- Minimum Goal = 40mins 3x a week walk to uni (or from) + at least one 40min session of higher intensity
- Ultimate Goal = 40mins 6x a week walk to or from uni + 2 higher intensity 40 min session

I'm really happy with my exercise. It didn't follow quite what I have here and half way through i changed it up a bit but I feel like the idea of exercise is less unappealing and I'm much more ready to walk to uni or chuck on a pair of trainers and go for a jog now. My confidence in exercising has improved

4. nutrition goal
- Minimum goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 calories a day
- Ultimate goal = 2L of water a day, less then net 1450 cals a day and only 1 serve of chocolate a week!!!

This too I feel ok with. Could have been better. I think the thing I need to improve on the most is calculating how those special nights out need to be balanced for earlier in the week. Chocolate consumption has dropped although its still needs more work too.

I feel RFSC helped me adjust my attitude to me that is more important then losing the weight straight away. Without a change in attitude I can't expect a long term change can I.

On a side note doctor has doubled my thyroid prescription so see how that goes am on the third day of it now!

Hope everyone else did amazingly this challenge. For me I will be starting the Summer Sizzle Slim Down challenge which is being held by Rochelle. Hopefully what I started here can be continued and improved through this challenge.