Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tui's ultimate crunchy salad.....

Tui's ultimate crunchy salad..... 

3-4 radishes cubed
1/4 of a red onion finely chopped
1 stick of celery roughly chopped
6 green beans roughly chopped
3 pickles/Gherkins roughly chopped
Half a capsicum/bell pepper roughly chopped
two tablespoons of light mayonaise
(I added some diced cooked chicken one day and another a can of tuna but its delish on its own too)

Serves one as a main or two for a side! 115 calories (not including chicken or tuna)
1 of the yummiest salads I have had in ages and super filling!


So this week has been a 50/50 week for me, half good, half bad. Need more exercise and less chocolate!

Not the best food, had Chocolate and went out for steak dinner which came with hot chips and salad. I ate slowly so I new when I was full and could stop. This is extremely hard to do when your dinner comes out 10 minutes after everyone else's and there's smells amazing. I was also surprised at how quickly they wolfed theirs down then again two of them were athletes and they left still hungry where I was stuffed and couldn't have had dessert if I wanted it.

I also did a Zumba session, 1 hour, 560 calories burned.

Made an amazing omelette for breakfast filled with spinach, tomato, red onion and green beens nom nom. Made homemade sweet and sour pork for dinner. Next time I will not batter it and save myself some calories, it didn't add as much yumminess to the dish as I though it would so I'm sure I won't miss it!

Zumba Toning, 1 hour, approx 560 calories burned!

Better eating today. Introduced radishes to my diet and they are amazing.

I can eat 4 of them for just 3-4 calories.

1 hour Zumba, 559 calories burned

flatmate had a girls night at ours. Chickflicks a few drinks and of course snack, I was good I had gherkins, mango, yoghurt and water but I couldn't help but have just 3 of there lollies (I was super proud of my restraint!). But the next day all I wanted was chocolate and I devoured the rest that had been left out the next day.
No exercise either

Thursday I worked from 1-9 I ate well - had the salad and a sandwich and oats. but also had some chocolate.

Brought chocolate to replace the one I had eaten - ate some of that :(
Had a party ate good and healthy salad with pork for dinner. Drank lots...... like really lots. But had most of it brought for me wahooo for the student budget. boooo for the hidden liquid calories. I took half a bottle of vodka, was given tequila shots and then went to town and was brought bourban and coke the rest of the night

At least I got a workout with the walking to town and dancing

Ate good - didn't have the money to go buy bad treats. But somehow I managed to really hurt myself. And by that I do not just mean the hangover I suffered. I've pulled a muscle in my leg and can barely walk hence why today (Sunday) I am writing this and am not at work. Pretty guttered kinda needed the money but at least it gives me time to sort my life for tomorrow - I start a fresh semester at uni. Really looking forward to it and excited for the papers i'm taking!

p.s got my marks in finally A for behavioural conservation and an A- for my Race and Gender paper (I'm taking Geography and Environmental science - that's why they're such different papers!

Papers this semester

- Topics in Envi Science (Nuclear power, ocean acidification, global warming etc.)
- Self directed study for environmental science (Like a mini thesis)
- Advanced Resource Management
- Geographies of Globalisation

Can't wait!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

SSSD checkin and goals 5/6

So I am not posting progress pics and I am not confidant with measuring myself because everytime I go to do it I get different numbers and I'm sad to say I'm not even too sure which parts I'm suppose to be measuring. My mum never did sewing when I was younger so it was just something I never learned... I have a memory of one time having to measure myself for a fitting or something and I asked mum where my waist was... "how can you not know where your waist is?" was the response I got back. Although I know the general area of my waist now I'm still not 100% on where in that area I measure......

Buut I did get my hands on a scale and mid-week last week I was 96kgs, I weighed in this morning and was 94.4kgs so lost 1.6kgs (3.5lbs) so feeling like I smashed that challenge out of the park. Although part of me is sure that it was just water weight the other part of me is going "SCREW THAT, I WORKED BLOODY HARD AND AM CLAIMING IT", cause you know what, I did work bloody hard. In the last 5 days I have had 4 days of exercise and a total of 5 hours working out. I'm hoping to add another hour and 40-45 to that today. I have Zumba toning tonight (1 hour) and hopefully will get in a jog today (40-45 mins). That alone will burn me over 750 calories! how awesome is that!

Week 6 - (begin July 8) - VEGETARIAN WEEK

This is going to be hard for me.

  1. Its Tuesday and I had steak last night when I went out for dinner with friends
  2. I'm quite poor and a lot of my food I by in bulk when its on special so at the moment I have quite bit of meat in the freezer
  3. I also have a heap of meals in the freezer that I have pre-made and a lot of them have meat
Although I'd love to eat vegetarian this week my bank balance will prob not allow me to completely restock my fridge. So I'll try to get in as many veges and fruit as I can this week but can not commit to the challenge. Sorry. But at least I usually don't eat that much meat anyway probably like 3-4 meals a week only!

I will still however be eating healthy, balanced meals and limiting my intake of processed, fatty and sugary   foods! Whole grains, veges, fruit, lean meats and seafood here I come!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Full steam ahead!

So on Thursday I pulled finger and decided that it was time to stop half assing it and making excuses!
So for the last three days I have been giving it my all! 3 days - 3 workouts = total of 4 hours exercise! Guess what.... that's 4 hours more then last week!

Today is Sunday, I'm going to take today as a rest day. But that doesn't mean a rest from healthy eating today - Infact its even more of a reason to get my eating right today. The last three days have been good exercise wise and in a broad picture good eating wise too, although I have allowed myself 2 treats so far. Friday I had coffee and fries with a friend and last night I made myself a single serve microwave cookie ..... Never again single serve cookie my arse. Chuck the recipe in LoseIt afterwards and it cost me 400 odd calories. What a nutritional waste! Luckily I had eaten well and exercised hard earlier in the day but whoooosh I was not expecting such a high number in 1 single serve cookie - and it wasn't even that nice!

Anyway, I have a dinner to go to tomorrow night. I've pre-read the menu and have already worked out what will be the best and worst choices. Ready to kickstart tomorrow morning with some Zumba to really get my day started and then maybe a run mid afternoon to help balance out my dinner!

Am even building myself up to join the uni gym. I know that sounds stupid and everyone I have mentioned it too are just like "pull up you big girl panties and join the damm gym". And I know I should. Yet that little voice inside my head is saying - "when you get on the treadmill/elliptical your gunna jiggle and people you know, who are in your classes will see you and will judge you". I know its stupid and I know that people have got better things to do then judge my fat ass jiggling but it really is mind over matter. And for goodness sake its $65 for 3 months - Bargain or what!

So working on small achievements this month! 

Oh and also we got a scale will post weight on Monday Mornings. Got on scale the other day and quickly got off again when I saw the number. Unfortunately I'm back to floating around the mid 90's. Hard work lost but at least I know now! 

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Feeling good

So that run I had planned on Monday - Yeah didn't do it. But I did one today. I can definitely tell its been a couple of weeks since my last run. It was hard, it was raining, my arms were freezing, there was rain in my eyes, but I did it. And I feel great for it, and I always do.

The most amazing part was getting my rain and sweat soaked freezing body into the warm shower afterwards and then adding my workout to LoseIt and seeing the calories deficit I have (Haven't had breakfast yet).

I joined Pinterest this week and I love it. Fav thing I have found so far is definitely this

New power motto

I'm feeling so motivated and inspired at the moment and I really want to stay focused and on track and I know I always have these moments but just this once I really want to see it through. I am going to stay focused, I am going to stay on track and I am going to get myself a body and lifestyle I can be proud of.

All it took today was for me to convince myself to put my workout clothes on. After that it was convincing myself to step out the door. Then I convinced myself that just because it had started to rain I didn't have to give up. That's what it takes for me - small arguments in my mind about things I can overcome. Today healthy me won! Someday I hope these arguments will cease to exist and getting up to workout will be a habit I don't want to miss out on. So fake it till you make it Tui.

Get your booty out the door and the rest will come....

Told ya I was feeling inspired today. Anyway off to make breakfast-
Porridge, Chia seed, stewed apples, prunes and sliced almonds om nom nom

Monday, 2 July 2012

Back - Again

So I disappeared for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately we had some devastating news last week. A good friend and all round great man was killed. It has had a massive impact on my home town as he was such a big part of the community. It will be sad going back home and no longer being able to pop in and see his beautiful smile and crazily enthusiastic ways he makes his pizzas (he owned the most amazing pizza shop!).

That coupled with exams and a full on 9 hour a day work shifts just had me a little overwhelmed I'm sorry to say. But today is monday and it is a fresh week and the sun is actually shining which is amazing as we are in winter here. And I have a run planned for this arvo!

So this weeks challenge is Week 5 - (begin July 1) - LOSE 2 lbs THIS WEEK (and post pics/measurements if doing so). 
I'm not too sure how I'm going to measure this. It may be time to invest in a new scale. we will see with the pics.

I didn't post a healthy recipe but I'm planning to put up my chicken soup recipe soon!!!