Sunday, 15 July 2012


So this week has been a 50/50 week for me, half good, half bad. Need more exercise and less chocolate!

Not the best food, had Chocolate and went out for steak dinner which came with hot chips and salad. I ate slowly so I new when I was full and could stop. This is extremely hard to do when your dinner comes out 10 minutes after everyone else's and there's smells amazing. I was also surprised at how quickly they wolfed theirs down then again two of them were athletes and they left still hungry where I was stuffed and couldn't have had dessert if I wanted it.

I also did a Zumba session, 1 hour, 560 calories burned.

Made an amazing omelette for breakfast filled with spinach, tomato, red onion and green beens nom nom. Made homemade sweet and sour pork for dinner. Next time I will not batter it and save myself some calories, it didn't add as much yumminess to the dish as I though it would so I'm sure I won't miss it!

Zumba Toning, 1 hour, approx 560 calories burned!

Better eating today. Introduced radishes to my diet and they are amazing.

I can eat 4 of them for just 3-4 calories.

1 hour Zumba, 559 calories burned

flatmate had a girls night at ours. Chickflicks a few drinks and of course snack, I was good I had gherkins, mango, yoghurt and water but I couldn't help but have just 3 of there lollies (I was super proud of my restraint!). But the next day all I wanted was chocolate and I devoured the rest that had been left out the next day.
No exercise either

Thursday I worked from 1-9 I ate well - had the salad and a sandwich and oats. but also had some chocolate.

Brought chocolate to replace the one I had eaten - ate some of that :(
Had a party ate good and healthy salad with pork for dinner. Drank lots...... like really lots. But had most of it brought for me wahooo for the student budget. boooo for the hidden liquid calories. I took half a bottle of vodka, was given tequila shots and then went to town and was brought bourban and coke the rest of the night

At least I got a workout with the walking to town and dancing

Ate good - didn't have the money to go buy bad treats. But somehow I managed to really hurt myself. And by that I do not just mean the hangover I suffered. I've pulled a muscle in my leg and can barely walk hence why today (Sunday) I am writing this and am not at work. Pretty guttered kinda needed the money but at least it gives me time to sort my life for tomorrow - I start a fresh semester at uni. Really looking forward to it and excited for the papers i'm taking!

p.s got my marks in finally A for behavioural conservation and an A- for my Race and Gender paper (I'm taking Geography and Environmental science - that's why they're such different papers!

Papers this semester

- Topics in Envi Science (Nuclear power, ocean acidification, global warming etc.)
- Self directed study for environmental science (Like a mini thesis)
- Advanced Resource Management
- Geographies of Globalisation

Can't wait!

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  1. I see what you mean by 50/50. Well, it's not easy to get it 100% right all the time. Still, you got quite a bit of exercise in. Hope this upcoming week is better :)
    Congrats on your grades for you papers :)