Thursday, 5 July 2012

Feeling good

So that run I had planned on Monday - Yeah didn't do it. But I did one today. I can definitely tell its been a couple of weeks since my last run. It was hard, it was raining, my arms were freezing, there was rain in my eyes, but I did it. And I feel great for it, and I always do.

The most amazing part was getting my rain and sweat soaked freezing body into the warm shower afterwards and then adding my workout to LoseIt and seeing the calories deficit I have (Haven't had breakfast yet).

I joined Pinterest this week and I love it. Fav thing I have found so far is definitely this

New power motto

I'm feeling so motivated and inspired at the moment and I really want to stay focused and on track and I know I always have these moments but just this once I really want to see it through. I am going to stay focused, I am going to stay on track and I am going to get myself a body and lifestyle I can be proud of.

All it took today was for me to convince myself to put my workout clothes on. After that it was convincing myself to step out the door. Then I convinced myself that just because it had started to rain I didn't have to give up. That's what it takes for me - small arguments in my mind about things I can overcome. Today healthy me won! Someday I hope these arguments will cease to exist and getting up to workout will be a habit I don't want to miss out on. So fake it till you make it Tui.

Get your booty out the door and the rest will come....

Told ya I was feeling inspired today. Anyway off to make breakfast-
Porridge, Chia seed, stewed apples, prunes and sliced almonds om nom nom

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