Sunday, 8 July 2012

Full steam ahead!

So on Thursday I pulled finger and decided that it was time to stop half assing it and making excuses!
So for the last three days I have been giving it my all! 3 days - 3 workouts = total of 4 hours exercise! Guess what.... that's 4 hours more then last week!

Today is Sunday, I'm going to take today as a rest day. But that doesn't mean a rest from healthy eating today - Infact its even more of a reason to get my eating right today. The last three days have been good exercise wise and in a broad picture good eating wise too, although I have allowed myself 2 treats so far. Friday I had coffee and fries with a friend and last night I made myself a single serve microwave cookie ..... Never again single serve cookie my arse. Chuck the recipe in LoseIt afterwards and it cost me 400 odd calories. What a nutritional waste! Luckily I had eaten well and exercised hard earlier in the day but whoooosh I was not expecting such a high number in 1 single serve cookie - and it wasn't even that nice!

Anyway, I have a dinner to go to tomorrow night. I've pre-read the menu and have already worked out what will be the best and worst choices. Ready to kickstart tomorrow morning with some Zumba to really get my day started and then maybe a run mid afternoon to help balance out my dinner!

Am even building myself up to join the uni gym. I know that sounds stupid and everyone I have mentioned it too are just like "pull up you big girl panties and join the damm gym". And I know I should. Yet that little voice inside my head is saying - "when you get on the treadmill/elliptical your gunna jiggle and people you know, who are in your classes will see you and will judge you". I know its stupid and I know that people have got better things to do then judge my fat ass jiggling but it really is mind over matter. And for goodness sake its $65 for 3 months - Bargain or what!

So working on small achievements this month! 

Oh and also we got a scale will post weight on Monday Mornings. Got on scale the other day and quickly got off again when I saw the number. Unfortunately I'm back to floating around the mid 90's. Hard work lost but at least I know now! 


  1. Don't worry about the jiggle - if I saw you, I would admire you for getting out there and working so hard.

  2. OH!! I am so with you!!! I feel like Ive half assed the last two months. Yesterday I said, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!

  3. I used to go to the gym at 6 am while at university just because I knew there would hardly be any people there and I wouldn't feel as self-conscious ... so I can understand your hesitation, but still - do go. It'll be the best thing you can do for yourself. Once you set up a routine you won't even notice the others.

    Hope you can keep the momentum this week! :)