Tuesday, 10 July 2012

SSSD checkin and goals 5/6

So I am not posting progress pics and I am not confidant with measuring myself because everytime I go to do it I get different numbers and I'm sad to say I'm not even too sure which parts I'm suppose to be measuring. My mum never did sewing when I was younger so it was just something I never learned... I have a memory of one time having to measure myself for a fitting or something and I asked mum where my waist was... "how can you not know where your waist is?" was the response I got back. Although I know the general area of my waist now I'm still not 100% on where in that area I measure......

Buut I did get my hands on a scale and mid-week last week I was 96kgs, I weighed in this morning and was 94.4kgs so lost 1.6kgs (3.5lbs) so feeling like I smashed that challenge out of the park. Although part of me is sure that it was just water weight the other part of me is going "SCREW THAT, I WORKED BLOODY HARD AND AM CLAIMING IT", cause you know what, I did work bloody hard. In the last 5 days I have had 4 days of exercise and a total of 5 hours working out. I'm hoping to add another hour and 40-45 to that today. I have Zumba toning tonight (1 hour) and hopefully will get in a jog today (40-45 mins). That alone will burn me over 750 calories! how awesome is that!

Week 6 - (begin July 8) - VEGETARIAN WEEK

This is going to be hard for me.

  1. Its Tuesday and I had steak last night when I went out for dinner with friends
  2. I'm quite poor and a lot of my food I by in bulk when its on special so at the moment I have quite bit of meat in the freezer
  3. I also have a heap of meals in the freezer that I have pre-made and a lot of them have meat
Although I'd love to eat vegetarian this week my bank balance will prob not allow me to completely restock my fridge. So I'll try to get in as many veges and fruit as I can this week but can not commit to the challenge. Sorry. But at least I usually don't eat that much meat anyway probably like 3-4 meals a week only!

I will still however be eating healthy, balanced meals and limiting my intake of processed, fatty and sugary   foods! Whole grains, veges, fruit, lean meats and seafood here I come!


  1. Great loss!! That is something to be proud of!

  2. You should be very proud of your 1.6 kg loss! That's terrific :)

  3. That is a great loss this week - and you should own it! Too many people downplay their hard work and credit something else (example: water) on the loss - but I say, if you have a loss, be proud of it!
    I understand eating on a budget so no worries about eating vegetarian this week. I DO like that you mentioned balanced meals though - totally a great approach to eating! Have a super week!

  4. Congrats on your loss and five hours working out! Rock week 6, too!