12 Goals for 2012!

So I wrote this post at the start of the year and some of the deadlines have already been and gone and others I have already acheived. But I thought I'd put it up anyway for a constant reminder of the bigger picture goals I have to work towards.

1. Fit into a NZ size 12 by 12-12-12 (It is Two thousand and TWELVE after all!)

2. Set an achievable dietary plan for the next 12 months 

3. Lose 8kgs by my 21st on April the 5th (3 Months, its gunna be a challenge but don't you dear say I can't do it!) - FAIL

4. Save $500 of own hard earned money (not studylink granted $$) for said 21st - FAIL

5. Achieve a B+ Average in all my 300 level papers this year to attain entry to Masters study for future options.

6. Become more involved in the Awhina programme I am part of (Maori and Pacific students helping each other to excel and achieve at university, we also do schools outreach teaching young students all that is amazing and opportune in the science world) - Success I am now a co-head mentor and am responsible for running a small team of mentors and helping them to fulfil their roles

7. Undertake a voluntary position no matter how great or small. - Success, Awhina Co-head mentor is 100% voluntary unpaid work. It makes me feel good knowing that I am doing something to help others and also that people  trust me with such responsibility.

8. Be more focused on tasks presented to me and more motivated and determined to complete them (I am notorious for never finishing anything)

9. Free myself from emotional baggage 

10. Plan a amazing New Years celebration for 12/13 as the last 3 have been less then exciting and I deserve a good one this year round.

11. Get onto this garden idea

12. Tick off every single thing on this list. I know it seems like a cop out but seriously I just need to prove I can stick to something and finish it and what better way then to tick off every item on a major to do list! 

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