About Me!

Me in March, Picnic at the botans 
Hey I'm Tui, I'm a small town girl who's moved to the big city to live my life with as much excitement and new experiences as possible and I have to say I'm loving every minute of life in Wellington "the coolest little capital of the world", so national geographic or someone claimed!

I've created this blog as a weight loss "journey" (Cringe worthy cliche?) and just the random day to day livings of my life and things I find intriguing. So how did it start?

In August 2011 I visited the Doctor for some blood tests. While there it was noted my weight had shot up to 98kgs. Yeap if the weight wasn't gunna give me a heart attack seeing that I'd put on 5 or so kgs in 6 weeks nearly did. Truth be told it shouldn't have surprised me too much, I have a confession to make......... I'm a yo-yo'er. Not actively, but I can easily drop and gain a few kgs here and there. Wish it was more of the dropping and less of the gaining though

Me in the black and yellow (21st back home!)
I'm a confident and happy chick and I've never been made or let anyone else make me feel bad about the excess I've got going but I want to be healthy and for my preferred career it would be beneficial if I was fit!

I'm studying environmental science, geography and development (I love the diversity and I love learning new stuff!) and I'm really keen to do the physical conservation side of that. So being fit is a large part of this new challenge and of course lets not lie looking great is also a factor!

So the current goal is 75kgs by my 21st, April the 5th. Its a start but it won't be the end.