Mini Challenges

After reading Nanette's blog I got oh so inspired by her  Mini Challenges page that I just had to create my own. This is what I have for now - May add more as they come to me :)

Mini Goals

  • Start C25K
  • Run 1km without stopping
  • Run 2km without stopping
  • Run 3km without stopping
  • Run 4km without stopping
  • Complete C25K
  • Fit size 16 comfortably
  • Size 14
  • Size 12
  • Not feel insecure on a night out in town!
  • Buy a sexy bra - and feel damm good in it
  • Complete episode 60 Live exercise kick boxing workout in 1 session
  • Listen to myself when I say "Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels" and not eat the tasty treat I'm craving
  • Get out of the "Obese" rating in BMI score
  • Get out of "over weight" rating in BMI score
  • Buy a bikini
  • Have someone tell me "wow you look great","Your looking slimmer these days" etc

Week Long Challenges

  • No Candy/Sweets/Chocolate
  • Walk to/from uni 4 times
  • Walk to/from uni 6 times
  • 5 work out sessions
  • 200 push ups
  • 400 push ups
  • No dairy
  • No bread
  • No cheat days
  • No processed foods - cook from scratch
  • No take out
  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Burn 1000 Calories
  • Burn 1500 Calories
  • Burn 2000 Calories
  • Burn 2500 Calories
  • Burn 3000 Calories


  1. These look great! I'm glad you were able to find the things you'd like to work on.

    Be careful with that "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" stuff... it's like the national anthem of eating disorders... Thanks Kate Moss. heh. I'll just pretend it says "nothing tastes as good as healthy feels." :) Happy goal achieving!